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Supersmile Oral Care


Supersmile Brushing

Supersmile Brushing

How you brush and the toothpaste you choose are important. First, let's discuss the toothbrush. The Supersmile 45' Ergonomic Toothbrush was designed so that the brush head bristles are shaped in a triangle, making brushing at the ADA-recommended 45' angle easy. The bristles themselves are soft, rounded nylon bristles.

How to Brush: Just place the brush alongside the area where the gum meets the teeth (sulcus) making sure that the bristles get under the gum. With tiny, soft circles gently scrub each surface of every tooth. (Be sure to hear the gentle sound of the bristles while you are brushing. lf you don't hear anything, chances are you are brushing too hard). It should take about 2 minutes to brush your entire mouth. The way the Supersmile Toothbrush is shaped, you are actually polishing teeth while cleaning under the gum line at the same time.

Once you've brushed at least twice per day and flossed at least once, the last thing you should do daily (preferably twice) is clean your tongue. Cleaning the tongue twice per day, morning and evening, goes a long way towards improving general oral hygiene in the mouth.

How to clean your Tongue: Unlike other tongue cleaners, the supersmile Tongue Cleaner is small, thin and flexible. Simply bend the tongue cleaner into a "U" shape and run the rippled edge along the tongue in a downward fashion. Stick out the tongue and scrape from deep in the back to front daily - am or pm. simply rinse off your tongue cleaner after each use, and replace every three months.

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