Comfort Zone Body Strategist Natural Fiber Brush

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Comfort Zone Body Strategist Natural Fiber Brush can be used to exfoliate the skin, improve circulation, and stimulate a detox action.  The rough bristles gently removes dead skin cells to reveal softer skin.  The brushing motion massages the skin to improve oxygenation, activate metabolism, and eliminates waste.


In the morning, before entering the shower, massage the brush gently on your skin.

1) Start from the feet, massage both back and front, then go up along the legs with wide and fluid movements. Apply a comfortable and moderate pressure.

2) After massaging the legs, carry on to the buttocks and back, moving towards the front of the body with circular movements.

3) Proceed with a massage on the arms, starting from the hands and moving towards the shoulders. A slight reddening of the skin is possible, a normal consequence due to the stimulation of circulation: it is a visual signal that our body is reacting and energizing.

4) After massaging the limbs, moderate the pressure exerted with the brush and treat the area of the bust. Massage the part of the breasts with delicacy, to avoid excessive stress on this particularly sensitive part of the body. Conduct circular movements down until you reach your stomach.

5) Once the whole-body massage is complete, proceed with a shower and your daily routine.

Quick, easy and effective; dry brushing is an act of daily love towards oneself, able to change one’s mood in just a few minutes, revitalize us and give a remarkable burst of energy! Consistence use ensures a feeling of lightness and brighter skin, and it optimizes the effectiveness of nourishing, anti-cellulite and toning products.

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