HealthyLine (PEMF Mat) PlatinumMat Full 7224 Firm - Photon Advanced PEMF InfraMat Pro

  • HealthyLine PlatinumMat Full 7224 Firm - Photon Advanced PEMF InfraMat Pro
  • HealthyLine PlatnumMat Full 7224 Firm
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HealthyLine  (PEMF Mat) PlatinumMat Full 7224 Firm is the latest and most advanced mat of its kind. It's a full sized model with advanced gemstone heat therapy and customizable PEMF system. The PlatinumMat has 10 pre-set programs that are designed to help with sleeping, waking up easier, and much more. You can program the PEMF frequency, waveform, pulse duration, intensity, and time limit to create billions of different combinations to suit your needs.

HealthyLine PlatinumMat has natural therapies like at stone therapy that relaxes muscles. Infrared therapy helps with managing pain. Photon light therapy helps with managing energy levels. Electromagnetic field therapy helps with well-being. Negative ion therapy helps clear your surroundings of harmful agents. 


  • Advanced gemstone heat therapy 
  • 10 pre-set programs
  • Helps with sleeping
  • Hot stone therapy helps relax muscles
  • Five year warranty

HealthyLine PlatinumMat Full 7224 Firm Directions:

Please refer to video below and User Guide. 





It helped right away!

Long story short, I’ve been trying to heal for years from some issues that I’m not sure of the root cause. We suspect it is copper toxicity. One symptom was constant tension/anxiety/inability to relax or handle stress. I was discussing it with my chiropractor who thought I should try PEMF. It helped right away, so I purchased this mat for home. I use it almost daily. It keeps me much more calm and relaxed. I no longer have the occasional vein pain that I was considering surgery for! And my most recent hair analysis shows my body is releasing heavy metals, which is something we have been trying to coax it to do for years! The only thing different I’m doing is PEMF!


After about 30 minutes the pain was gone.

I was in deep pain after I walked for 15 hours supporting her arm in mine while she was in labor. It left my neck with a slight bulge and I had pain shooting down my arm out through my elbow and shooting out through 3 of my fingers. It was terrible. Especially to try to find a position to sleep in. So I tried the Beamer but it lit me up. So then I bought the Healthyline mat with a PEMF option at a much less intensity. I would lay on it for 2 to 3 hours a day , and usually after about 30 minutes the pain was gone. I’m not sure how long are used it on a daily basis to keep the pain away but as time has gone by I do it just to keep things in check. I now use it on a daily basis to keep myself healthy and when I have a hard time sleeping at night I will lay on it for a few hours before I go get in bed which seems to calm my body. I am so thankful to have found this mat.


My headaches became less frequent and I started to sleep better. 

Also, my mood swings improved and I felt more at ease. I’ve been using the mat for a month now and I’ll continue to use it on a daily basis since it helps me deal with pain better than painkillers.




Tech Specs


72" x 24" x 1.5" 

22 lbs (10kg)

Advanced Controller:
Time and Temperature settings, Programmable,

EMF Protections
Advanced filtration system, EMF-blocking layers

Number of layers
21 functional layers

High-quality. nontoxic 

USA power 110-120V, 260W 

Frequency Range
1-30 Hz

Pulse Duration
Medium, fast, ultrafast 

Far infrared rays range
5-14 μm

10% - 100% Settings 

Up to 160 F 

60 Photon lights, 660nm 

Negative Ion Therapy
Up to 3000/cc

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Additional Information

Model Line:
Platinum Series (Pro for PEMF Lovers)
FIR, Photon, PEMF
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