Thalgo Skin Care Product Ingredients

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Thalgo Skin Care Product Ingredients

Thalgo Skin Care Product Ingredients

Thalgo Ingredient Glossary

thalgo ingredient glossary

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AGRIMONIA - Source: Plant extract Benefit: Astringent, tones.

AHA - Alpha Hydroxy Acid obtained from sugar cane which produces Glycolic acid for an exfoliant effect.

ALLANTOIN - Extracted from the young leaves of sycamore trees. Decongesting, healing and soothing.

ALOE VERA - Thickened sap from the leaves of the Aloe plant (tropical African and West indian plant). Healing, soothing, moisturizing, a natural sun filter.

AMINO ACIDS - Building blocks to synthesize proteins.

APRICOT OIL - Comes from the kernel- used to soften skin, high in Vitamin E

ARNICA MONTANA - Dried flower heads are used as an astringent to treat skin disorders. Used also to treat bruises and sprains. Anti-inflammatory and soothing.

ASPARAGOPSIS ARMATA - Red Marine Algae harvested off the Mediterranean coast. Originated in Australia and brought to Europe by merchant vessels at the turn of the century. Rich in trace-elements and micronutrients. Increases oxygenation of the cells.

AZULENE - A basic ingredient of Chamomile, has a distinctive blue color. Anti-inflammatory and healing.

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BASIL - Leaves of a plant. Benefits: used to purify

BEESWAX - Natural wax from honeycomb used as an emulsifier. Moisturizing and protective.

BETA-CAROTENE - (ProVitamin A) Algae - Benefit pigment agent

BHA - Beta Hydroxy Acid, a gentle exfoHant and moisture agent extracted from marine origin

BIRCHBARK - Contains a natural healing oiL

BITTER ORANGE - Peel of Bitter Orange. Benefit: Soothes

BLACK CURRANT - Source: Embryonic part of the plant Benefit: Protects

BREWERS YEAST - Source: Single celled plants. Benefit: Rich in B-complex vitamins.

BUTCHERS BROOM EXTRACT - Plant extract also known as Ruscus. Restores firmness and tonicity to slackened skin.

C Back to Top

CABREUVA - Source: Cabreuva plant. Benefit: detoxifies

CACTUS FLOWER - Softening and ant-inflammatory properties.

CAFFEINE - Used in small quantities, caffeine activates an enzyme, lipase which breaks down fat deposits (trigylcerides). Toxic only when used in strong large doses.

CALCIUM CHLORIDE - Inorganic salt. It improves the reaction of ingredients.

CALCIUM SULFATE - Chemical compound - power. Benefit: Absorbs moisture, firming agent.

CALENDULA - Extract from Marigold. Has antiseptic, decongestant healing and soothing properties.

CAMELLIA - Seeds of a tropical Asiatic evergreen. Used to soften the skin.

CAMPHOR - Extracted from the bark of trees in the Far East Refreshing and cooling, vasa-constricting, increases micro-circulation.

CAPSLOW - Thalgo patented ingredient. Benefit: Weakens the hair.

CARDOMOM - From the seeds of tree (India, Ceylon). Benefit: Anti-septic, stimulating.

CARROT - Carrot plant. Benefit: cleanses

CENTELLA ASIATICA - From the flowers and leaves of the herb. Used to repair and restore skin celis.

CHAMOMILE - A natural plant extract which has soothing and calming effect, particularly on irritations and rashes.

CHITIN - Extract from Crab and Lobster shells rich in amino acids. Helps to retain moisture in the skin.

CITRIC ACID - Citrus Fruit Benefit: Astringent, anti-oxidant.

COCONUT FATTY ACID - From coconut kernels. Benefit: cleanses, softens skin

CODIUM TOMENTOSUM - (Glucoronic Acid) - BHA from Algae Benefits: Brightens the skin

CO-ENZYME A - Vitamin A. Benefit: Speeds up action of the other ingredients.

COLLAGEN - The principal protein of connective tissue responsible for skin structure. Collagen ensures that the skin receives the correct amount of amino acids. It maintains and restores hydration levels and balances the skin. Obtained from Marine origin-sharks skin.

COLLASPHERES - Collagen capsules containing active ingredients.

COMFREY - Comfrey root. Benefits: speeds up cell renewal

CORNFLOWER - Cornflower plant petals. Benefits: calms

CORN OIL - Corn grains. Benefits: skin softener

CORN STARCH - Corn grains. Benefits: Absorbs

CORRALLOID UTHOTHAMNIONS - A cold water sea plant rich in minerals trace-elements and vitamins.

CYPRESS - From the leaves cane and wood of the cypress tree. Is a natural vasa-constrictor improves microcirculation.

CYSTEINE - An amino-acid which helps to stabilize oiliness in the skin.

D Back to Top

DESAMIDOCOLLAGEN - Collagen molecules modified by a patented process to augment their powers of water retention.

DIATOMACEOUS EARTH - A porous and pure form of silica formed from fossilized marine elements (plankton, algae). Absorbs up to four times its own weight in water. Acts as a setting/gelling agent.

DUNAUELLA - Algae. Benefit: Activates cell metabolism, high in 8 vitamins and Amino Acids.

E Back to Top

ECHINACEA - From wood or bark of the tree. Benefits: soothes, detoxifies.

EFFICIENSEA - Thalgo exclusive Algae. Benefits: Anti-infammatory, calming, anti-tyrosinasic.

ELASTIN - The second most abundant protein of connective tissue, and is responsible for the elasticity of the skin, and helps to bind moisture in the skin. Now obtained from Marine origin (tuna skin).

EMOLLIENT ROE - Extracted from cod roe. Rich in the amino acid cysteine which controls and stabilizes oily secretions.

EUGENIA JAMBOSA - Eugenia Jambosa plant. Benefit: Anti-bacterial, antiseptic.

ESCIN - Extracted from the Indian Horse Chesnut. Reduces inflammation and excess fluid.

F Back to Top

FIBRONECTIN - A natural healing protein amino acid found in the body. Is responsible to speed the knitting and healing process around cuts or wounds. Immediate smoothing and protective effect on the skin.

FREE RADICALS - Molecules which scavenge and destroy cells which causes a chain reaction. This unbalances the skin and accelerates skin aging. Can be controlled by using anti-oxidizing ingredients in products.

FUCUS - Also known as Bladderwrack, this seaweed is rich in minerals trace-elements and vitamins. Increases cellular metabolism.

G Back to Top

GEORGIA CLAY (WHITE) - Also known as Kaolin. Comes from Montmorillon. Has purifying and drawing properties.

GINSENG - Plant extract from China noted for its revitalizing, antiseptic and stimulating properties.

GRAPESEED OIL - Grape seeds. Benefits: moisturizing, nourishing.

GREEN PEA - Embryonic part. Benefit: helps to build cells.

GREEN TEA - Has a softening effect.

GREEN TEA EXTRACT - Green Tea plant. Benefit: powerful anti-oxidant.

H Back to Top

HAZELNUT EXTRACT - From the nut. Benefit: astringent

HOPS - Strengthens the elastic fibres of the skin, and strengthens the intercellular spaces. Toning and stimulating.

HORSE CHESNUT - A natural vaso-constrictor rich in vitamin P. Used for veinous problems.

HORSETAIL - Equisetum plant rich in Silicium. Strengthen the elastin fibres for toning and firming. Has a healing effect.

HORSETAIL EXTRACT - Sprouts of the Fern plant. Benefit: repairs connective tissue.

HYALURONIC ACID - Viscous polysaccharide which acts as a humectant to bind and retain moisture in the skin (can hold up to 370% more moisture than even the collagen molecule).

HYDROXYPROLINE - An amino acid which can stimulate the production of Collagen III

HYSSOP - Flower of the Hyssop plant. Benefit: heals, decongestant

I Back to Top

IRON OXIDE - Inorganic compound from iron. Benefit: Sunscreen

IVY - The flowering herb and leaves are used medicinally. Has diuretic and stimulating properties.

J Back to Top

JOJOBA - An oil from the edible seed from a small American tree. Restores moisture and is highly emollient.

JUNIPER BERRY - Juniper Berry plant Benefit: acts as a diuretic, stimulant, anti-septic.

K Back to Top

KAOLIN - A fine, natural white powder clay obtained from China. Used as an absorbing agent within masks. Helps to control oily secretions, refines and helps clear breakouts.

KAVA KAVA - A plant from the pepper family found in many Pacific Ocean islands.

KIGELIA - Kigelia (Sausage) Tree. Benefit Firming

L Back to Top

LAMINARIA DIGITATA - A cold water sea plant rich in trace-elements, minerals and nutrients.

LANOLIN - Fat obtained from sheep wool. Sirnilar structure to sebum, Lanolin can absorb twice its own volume in water so can stabilize water/oil emulsions. By acting as a barrier at the surface of the skin, Lanolin rehydrates the horny layer to maintain the surface lipidic film. Combats the evaporation of surface water.

LAVENDER - Flowering tops. Benefit: anti-inflammatory, soothes, heals.

L-CARNITINE - Amino Acid. Benefits: Helps the breakdown of fatty deposits.

LEMON - Naturally astringent, and rich in AHA's (citric and malic acids). Brightens the skin.

LEMON BALM - Extracts from the leaves and flowers of this herb are soothing and anti-allergic.

LICORICE - Decongesting, anti-inflammatory from the root.

LIFTLINE - Thalgo exclusive from vegetal proteins. Benefits: Tightens, smoothes.

LIME - Naturally astringent rich in AHA's

LINOLEIC ACID, LINOLENIC ACID - Essential fatty acids necessary for the suppleness of the skin. These essential fatty acids are prepared from edible fats and lipids, and are components of vitamin F and are the major constituents of natural oils such as soybean.

LIPOSOMES - Man made skin cells which transport active ingredients into the skin.

M Back to Top

MAIZE - Corn. Benefit: Skin softener.

MALIC ACID - Fruit Acid. Benefit: Exfoliates, refines skins texture, anti-oxidant.

MALLOW - A herb with astringent and emollient properties. Soothing and healing.

MANDARIN - Peel of the Mandarin Orange. Benefit: Natural fragrance

MARINE COGLYNECTIN - Marine protein complex. Benefit: helps the cohesiveness of the skin.

MARINE CHONDROITIN - Marine protein complex. Benefit: strengthens, tightens.

MARINE PLANKTON (Zoo Plankton) - Microscopic marine embryos rich in Vitamin A and vital trace-elements for rapid regeneration of skin cells. Its complex structure resembles very closely that of the human body, and is a powerful anti-wrinkle agent. Also aids in rapid regeneration of skin cells.

MAGNOLIA - Magnolia Shrub. Benefit: Used as a natural fragrance.

MARJORAM - A mediteranean herb. Extracts from the leaves and flowers have calming and antiseptic properties. Also increases circulation.

MENTHOL - Extracted from essence of peppermint. It is vaso-constricting, stimulating and has analgesic and antiseptic properties.

MICRONIZED MARINE ALGAE - A combination of 3 cold water sea plants which have been micro-exploded by attrition. Rich in minerals, vitamins and trace-elements, MMA is detoxifying, re-balancing, healing and regenerating. Thalgo process - Red & Brown Algae

MINERAL OIL - A pharmaceutical quality with emollient texture for hydration. Inert and stable. When used in strong concentrations or inferior quality, can then become comedogenic and irritant.

MINT - Variety of Mint plant leaves. Benefit: Reduces redness, irritation, tones.

MIRUAL - Thalgo exclusive Algae. Benefit: soothes.

MOROCCAN CEDAR - Moroccan Cedar Tree. Benefits: Stimulates, acts as a diuretic.

MUCOPOLYSACCHARIDES - Also known as glycosaminogylcans, MPS is the protein gel of skin. Molecules of positive and negative charged sugars which bind water to the tissues and mimics the skins own intercellular cements, and its ability to hold water. The dermis is composed of 7% MPS.

MYRTLE OIL - Myrtus Shrub. Benefit: stimulates blood circulation, anti-bacterial.

N Back to Top

NETTLE - The leaves contain tannin and chlorophyll which have astringent purifying and tonifying effects.

NMF - The natural moisturizing factor of the skin found in the horny layer. Composed mainly of amino acids (40%), Lactates (12%), Mineral Salts (16%) and Pyrrolydon Carboxylic Acid (14%) all which possess powerful water retention properties.

NUTRI-MARINE - Composed of extracts of fish, mussels and Micro-algaes (Spiruiina, Chlorelia and Scenedesmus) extremely nutritive and regenerating for the skin

O Back to Top

OLIVE OIL - Olive plant Benefit: Superior penetration, anti-oxidant.

ORANGE - Has a softening effect on the skin.

P Back to Top

PALMARIA PALMATA - Algae with decongestive properties.

PARABENS - Butylparaben, Ethylparaben, Methylparaben and Propylparaben. Theses preservatives are derived from benzoic acid and combat the development of bacteria and fungi. Non-toxic and approved for use in both cosmetics and food.

PEACH EXTRACT - Peach Pulp. Benefit: Skin softener.

PEPPERMINT - Peppermint plant. Benefit: stimulates, warming.

PHOSPHOLIPIDS - Complex fat substances used in liposornes. Benefit: forms the membrane of a living cell.

PHYTOSQUALENE - Plant Oils. Benefit: prevent dehydration.

PINE - Pine Tree. Benefits: stimulates circulation.

POTASSIUM IODIDE - Salt. Benefits: helps to maintain a healthy water balance.

POTENTILLA - Potentilla plant extract. Benefits: Anti-aging.

PROPOUS - Resinous substance collected by honey bees mainly from flowering plant shoots. Also known as bee glue. Rich in fatty acids for nourishment, flavenoids to activate circulation, and vitamins.

PROPYLENE GLYCOL- A liquid similar to gylcenne, but less viscous which acts as a solvent and humectant

Q Back to Top

R Back to Top

RASPBERRY - Rich in vitamin P this extract moisturizes and nourishes and brightens the complexion.

REDVINE - Redvine plant. Benefits: protects blood vessels.

RILSAN - An exfoliator from synthetic (plastic) origin.

ROSE - Extracted from the petals for astringent, softening and healing purposes. Also energizing, stimulates the life of the cells.

ROSEMARY - Rosemary plant. Benefits: Anti-oxidant, stimulant.

ROYAL JELLY - Throat glands of honeybee workers. Benefits: regeneration of dermal tissue.

S Back to Top

SAGE - Sage flower. Benefits: Heals.

SALMON EGGS - Salmon eggs. Benefits: Stimulates cell regeneration.

SEA SALTS - Taken from the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans, rich in micro-nutrients, trace-elements and vitamins to increase circulation and metabolism.

SESAME OIL - Sesame seeds. Benefits: Skin softening.

SHARK LIVER OIL - Very rich in Vitamin A. Extremely nourishing

SHEA BUTTER - Also known as Karite. Extracted from the nut kernels of an African tree. Helps with the absorption of products into the skin and leaves a protective film.

SILICA - An exfoliator from micro-algae (Diatomes).

SILK - Hydrolized silk protein supplements the free amino acids in the skins NMF and forms a film. Also acts as a humectant.

SILVER BIRCH - From the leaves. Benefit: Anti-bacterial.

SODIUM ALGINATE - Brown seaweed. Benefit: emulsifier.

SODIUM CHLORIDE - Salt. Benefit: Astringent, anti-inflammatory.

SOYA BEAN - Extracts from the seeds of the bean.

SOYA LECITHIN - Hydrolized proteins from soya beans which are nourishing and act as humectants. Used also for the liposome membrane.

SPEARMINT - Spearmint plant Benefit: Cools, refreshes, tightens.

SPIRULINA - Algae. Benefit: Stimulates tissue regeneration.

SQUALENE - A natural component of skin lipids or oils approximately 25%, helps prevent dehydration and acts as a protective film on the skin to maintain suppleness. Obtained from plant and marine sources.

ST JOHNS WORT - St Johns Wort plant. Benefit: Heals, soothes.

T Back to Top

THALGOSOMES - Soya Lecithin micro-spheres to vector and time release active ingredients on skin contact.

TITANIUM DIOXIDE - Chemical compound. Benefits: Sun filter.

TOCOPHEROL - Vitamin E helps to fight free radicals. Maintains moisture levels for long periods of time, accumulates in the epidermis, and forms a barrier against moisture evaporation. Also acts as an anti-free radical.

TUBULIN - A protein found in the membrane of the star cells of the connective tissues and nerve cells to strengthen skin elasticity.

TOMATO LYCOPEN - Tomato plant Benefit: pigment agent, anti-free radical.

TYROSINE - An amino acid and enzyme (tyrosinase) which react together to heighten the tanning process.

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UNDARIA PINNATIFIDA - Also known as Wakame, and originating in Japan, re-knowned as the finest edible Marine Algae. First found in France in the sixties in the marshes of Thau, and had been imported by Japanese seed-oysters. Now also cultivated in Brittany for the food industry. Rich in essential micro-nutrients.

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VERBENA - Lemon Verbena plant. Benefits: Decongests.

VITAMINS - Essential for health and metabolism, these occur naturally in certain foods, and are not made by the body.
Vitamin A - From fish and vegetable oils. Benefits: Improves skins texture, firms, smoothes.
Vitamin B1 - From Algae. Benefits: Skin softener.
Vitamin B2 - From Algae. Benefits: Enhances the performance of tyrosine.
Vitamin B6 - From Algae. Benefits: Soothes, prevents dryness.
Vitamin C - From Algae. Benefits: Anti-oxidant, protects from free-radicals, anti-aging.
Vitamin E - Wheat Germ Oil. Benefits: Protects from free-radicals, water binding, anti-aging.
Vitamin F - Linoleic Acid. Repairs dry skin.
Vitamin K - Vegetable plants. Maintains healthy capillary walls.
Vitamin P - Algae. Benefit: Vascular protector.

W Back to Top

WAKAME - Algae. Benefit: Increases oxygen within the cells.

WATER LILY - Water Lily plant. Benefit: Natural fragrance.

WHEATGERM OIL - Rich in vitamins (particularly E) and proteins. Protects and nourishes. Anti-wrinkle and hydrating.

WHEAT PROTEIN - Controls free radicals and forms a protective film on the skin.

WILD MINT - Wild Mint plant extract Benefit: Rebalances.

WINTERGREEN - Leaves. Benefits: Natural fragrance.

WITCH HAZEL - Naturally astringent and decongesting

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YEAST - From single-celled plants. Benefits: changes the color of the pigmentation.

YELLOW CLOVER - Yellow Clover plant Benefit: increases blood circulation.

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Thalgo Product Guide by Skin Type

Thalgo has designed a range of products to fit your needs based on your skin type. Select a skin range below and you will be provided with a list of recommended skin care products to treat your specific conditions.

Cleansing Range Thalgo Cleansing Range provides a selection of facial cleansers based on skin type. Pure Delicacy - dry or sensitive skin, Pure Radiance - normal or combination skin, Pure Freshness - oily skin, Pure Vitality - all skin types
Absolute Hydration Range Thalgo Absolute Hydration Range treats all skin types concerned with dehydration.
Sensitive Skin Care Range Thalgo Sensitive Skin Care Range treat sensitive or reactive skin showing the firsts signs of sensitivity or intolerant skin with the exception of rosacea skin conditions.
Comfort Range Thalgo Comfort Range treats those with dry or very dry skin showing signs of early aging and suffers consequently from tautness and uncomfortable sensations - even exasperating desquamation.
Oxygen Marine Range Thalgo Oxygen Marine Range treats those with stressed skin in need of rejuvenation. It is for all skin types suffering from dull, lifelessness and pollution.
Rebalancing Range Thalgo Rebalancing Range treats those with oily and combination skin.
Wrinkle Control Range Thalgo Wrinkle Control Range treats those with aging skin.
Thalgogive Perfect Contour Skin Care Range Thalgo Thalgogive Perfect Contour Skin Care Range treats those with sagging skin.

Thalgo Cleansing Range
Thalgo Absolute Hydration Range
Thalgo Sensitive Skin Care Range
Thalgo Comfort Range
Thalgo Oxygen Marine Range
Thalgo Rebalancing Range
Thalgo Wrinkle Control Range
Thalgo Thalgogive Perfect Contour Skin Care Range
Different Types of Oily Skin

Seborrhea is the overproduction of sebum - hence why it is incorrect to speak of "hyperseborrhea". Sebum (lipids) is produced by the sebaceous glands, which are found in association with hair follicles. Sebum forms part of the skin's hydrolipidic film - the natural lubricant that ensures the supple quality of the stratum corneum and cohesion between the upper skin layers. It has a true "barrier" function and helps to preserve the integrity of our skin cells.

Several factors cause sebum-production levels to vary:

  • Hormonal factors: the sebaceous glands are located in the highly vascularized dermis and controlled by hormones - in particular androgens. An enzyme called 5 alpha-reductase, which is predominant in the sebaceous glands, converts testosterone into a very active androgen called DHT. This DHT complex binds to a specific receptor of the cellular nucleus and causes increased sebum production.
  • Climatic factors: warmth and humidity increase sebum production.
  • Sebaceous secretion follows a precise rhythm: it is at its most active in the morning, at around 10:30 a.m.
  • Skin subject to seborrhoea is also sensitive to harsh factors such as pollution, stress and skincare products that are not suitable for this skin type. These can aggravate sebum production.

Different Types of Oily Skin

"Fluid" oily skin

This kind of skin is characterized by excess sebum production and flow, as well as enlarged pores caused by this over abundance of sebum. This skin is shiny with dilated pores.

"Retentive" oily skin

The stratum corneum thickens and the tip of the sebaceous hair follicle becomes clogged. There is a build-up of fragments of excess stratum corneum cells, which are trapped in the sebum. A blockage forms and sebum can no longer flow freely. Microcysts (whiteheads) form. When oxidation occurs upon contact with the air, comedones (blackheads) appear. The skin becomes qrainy.

Combination skin

The hair follicles - and therefore the sebaceous glands - are particularly dense in the forehead and the T-zone, where there are 4 to 10 times more than on the other parts of the body. When these skin problems are concentrated in the T-zone, this is called "combination skin".

Blemish-prone skin

Bacteria are naturally present in the sebaceous hair follicle. However, an excess production of sebum enables them to flourish. They release irritant substances, which lead to inflammatory reactions. The walls of the subcutaneous microcyst rupture, causing inflammation: a red spot appears, which can even become painful.

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