Thorne ResveraCel - 60 Caps

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Although no supplement truly has “anti-aging” properties, Thornes ResveraCel comes close because it has key ingredients that supports cellular repair, up-regulates the sirtuin proteins, enhances NAD+ production, and benefits the cellular energy production that takes place in the mitochondria – thus supporting the process of healthy aging.


  • Promotes multiple aspects of healthy aging from the inside out
  • Supports healthy cellular aging, methylation and metabolism as you age
  • Natural activator of the sirtuin proteins, an important class of protein enzymes that act as cellular switches to up-regulate numerous positive functions associated with aging


Take two capsules one to two times daily or as recommended by your health-care practitioner

Thorne ResveraCel Key Ingredients:

  • Nicotinamide Riboside Hydrogen Malate (NR) - is an important coenzyme found in every cell that plays an integral role in multiple body functions, as a direct precursor to NAD+, NR efficiently stimulates the production of NAD+
  • Resveratrol - is a natural substance found in, among other things, red wine, has shown promise in clinical studies by modulating the effects of several age-related conditions
  • Quercetin Phytosome - Quercetin partners with resveratrol in the quest for healthy aging because it slows the breakdown of resveratrol in the body, allowing resveratrol more time to do its job
  • Betaine - is a superior nutrient for donating its methyl groups – compounds that help produce healthy DNA, neurotransmitters, and cellular energy

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