5 Tips for Hair Growth

5 Tips for Hair Growth

If there was ever a perfect time for growing out your hair, it certainly begins as soon as the weather starts to cool down. In the season of hats and hair wraps lies a pristine possibility to give your locks a few added inches. Here are the top five suggestions for healthy, natural  hair growth this winter.

1. Save the split ends and show off your natural look

There is a reason to have this first on the list. The most effective way to grow your hair is to do styling as little as possible. Styling usually involves heat, and heat is intensely harming your hair. If you’re destroying your hair on one side, everything put into growing it out of the other provides worthless. Healthy, significant hair growth is going to need you to take hold of your natural style and let those locks air-dry most days. Regardless of how difficult that may sound, it will be worth it when you have ahead of smooth, shiny, and un-burned hair.

2. Wash your hair fewer times weekly

Cut your shampoo usage by 50 percent, if that’s possible. That is, if you typically wash your hair every day, do it every other day. This may make your hair feel overly oily at the beginning, but your body will eventually adjust. It can be drying and damaging your hair when washing too often. A routine of shampoo every other day (or fewer) makes your scalp start to control its production of oil, and these natural oils are the great nourishment for growing hair.

3. Massage the scalp

As you’ll be shampooing less, you may see that oil lingering on your scalp in between washes to be discouraging and awful. Scalp massages are a fantastic resolution for this. Massage your scalp with your fingertips gently in circular motions, moving around the roots of your hair, underrunning water during your shower. Make all that oil move away from your scalp and into the body of your hair, letting it better coat your seals for natural moisture and protection. It also rejuvenates your scalp and softly cleanses your hair roots. Rather than washing oil away, you’ll be gaining full use of it!

4. Use half shampoo, double conditioner

We’ve already talked about cutting the number of days you shampoo in half, but also does the same apply to conditioner? Certainly not. You want to condition your hair every time you shower. Use a leave-in conditioner for extra moisture. Your ends receive the least amount of oil from your scalp, keeping them in need of additional help to prevent drying out and breaking off. Recommended allowing your conditioner to sit on the ends of your hair for a few minutes when you shower. The longer your conditioner has to absorb, the more you’re preserving your growing hair from future damage, and it will give your hair feeling amazingly sleek and soft!

5. Have a lot of water

Drink. More. Water. You could always stand to drink extra. It’s well known that water is critical to your all around health, but it also has extreme rewards related to your physical appearance. Your cells must have water to keep their interiors operating and properly coated, so they don’t dry out and flake off in the form of cracked nails or split ends. Having enough water in your system gives your lips, skin, and hair naturally hydrated and plump. Not getting enough water over long periods can cause your hair, skin, and nails to become brittle and damaged. Water gives your hair-and your body-exactly what they need to keep creating new cells and doing all the magic they do.

Jan 7th 2020 Skin Beauty

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