Damaged Items

Report damaged package immediately (within 3 working days from receipt of products). If you receive a package with damaged products, here's a step-by-step guide, including photographing the damaged item, its packaging, and any pertinent information like lot numbers:

1. Prompt Action: Upon receiving the damaged package, take immediate action. We have specific timeframes for reporting such issues to the carrier.

2. Exterior Documentation: Before opening the package, take clear photos of the outside. Capture the shipping label, any visible box damage (dents, tears), and note down the tracking number, if applicable.

3. Inspect the Contents: Thoroughly examine the package contents. If the products inside are damaged, document each item separately. Photograph them from multiple angles to showcase the extent of the damage.

4. Lot Numbers/Product Codes: If the products have lot numbers or specific codes, photograph these details. These identifiers help us and manufacturer identify the particular batch.

5. Photograph Labels: Take close-up, clear pictures of the lot numbers, barcodes, and labels on the product packaging. These visuals assist in verifying the received products.

6. Interior Box Photos: After inspecting the items, photograph the inside of the box, highlighting any cushioning materials. This showcases whether the package was adequately protected during transit.

7. Contact Customer Service: Get in touch with customer service promptly. Share the documentation you've gathered, including images of the damaged items, lot numbers, and labels.

We will guide you on the next steps. We might ask you to fill a claims form, or provide extra details.

Contact us via chat to initiate a claim for damaged packages.