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  • HobaCare Jojoba Extract For Skin, Scalp + Hair


    HobaCare Jojoba Extract For Skin, Scalp + Hair - 4.22 Fl. Oz.

    HobaCare Jojoba Extract For Skin, Scalp + Hair is sourced directly from a cooperative of jojoba farms, ensuring that it is the highest quality available. Cold-pressed and unrefined, this jojoba extract is ideal for dry skin, beard care, hair...
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About HobaCare

HobaCare is the only company that produces First-press jojoba that focuses on quality rather than quality. Their Jojoba is so pure it's fast acting, lightweight and leaves almost no scent. 

Does jojoba oil whiten skin?

Due to Jojoba's skin healing properties, it may make skin appear lighter in tone. 

What is jojoba oil for? 

Jojoba oil can be used for a variety of difference reasons such as acne, sunburns, chapped skin, or even be used to encourages the regrowth in hair for people who are prone to balding. 

Can I leave jojoba oil on my face overnight?

Yes, Jojoba oil can be left on skin overnight without clogging pores or causing breakouts 

Is jojoba oil good for wrinkles?

Jojoba oil is similar to natural oil produced in the skin which can help skin stay hydrated which may be beneficial to treating wrinkles. 

What is jojoba made of?

Jojoba oil is composed of almost 98% pure waxes and is considered a liquid wax

Does jojoba expire?

It does expire however jojoba is known to have an extremely long shelf life. 

Can I eat jojoba oil?

It has known to edible, however this specific jojoba brand of oil is not supposed to be ingested.