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About Whish Beauty

Whish is a company that only uses natural and organic ingredients to make their products. They have scented self tanners, indulgent body butters with healing properties for your skin's every need whether it be anti-aging or just moisturizing! 

Is Whish Beauty Vegan?

The Whish Beauty company is committed to providing you with high quality, ethical beauty products. All of their items are vegan except for those containing beeswax in the Body Butters, Bath and Body Gels, Sugar Scrubs, and Lip Scrubs. The The Coconut Milk + Verbena Correcting Gel Contains Manuka Honey

Where is Whish Beauty made?

Whish is proud to manufacture and fulfill their entire line from their Scottsdale, AZ facility.

Who owns Whish?

Whish Beauty was founded by husband and wife team Aimee Werner, who one day used her husbands foamless shaving cream without liking the scent but claiming it was best shave she'd ever had. After that they aimed to create woman-focused brand with delicious scents with products that aimed to give a similar experience to the best shave she'd ever had.

Does Whish test on animals?

They are committed to never testing their products or ingredients on animals, and they do not sell anywhere where this is required by law.

Is Whish lip balm gluten free?

Most Whish Beauty products are gluten-free with the exception being Flawless Serum and Bath & Body Gel.

Can men use Whish Beauty products?

Yes! Men love whish products. With the hair inhibitor in many of their products, they can enjoy how it staves off a 5 o’clock shadow.

How does Whish exfoliating foot mask work?

This natural foot mask is a must-have for anyone who wants smoother, healthier looking skin. It not only exfoliates your heels and stubborn calluses but also moisturizes them at the same time!