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    Therabody TheraFace Mask

    Therabody TheraFace Mask is a breakthrough FDA-cleared LED skincare mask that offers full-face Red, Red + Infrared, and Blue light therapy, combined with tension-relieving vibration. Clinical studies have demonstrated firmer, smoother, and...
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Welcome to Therabody, where innovative technology meets natural wellness and recovery. Known for our groundbreaking Theragun products, we are revolutionizing muscle recovery and overall well-being. Therabody empowers you to feel better naturally through advanced percussive therapy and a range of scientifically validated wellness solutions. Our commitment to cutting-edge technology and research ensures effective, natural products and services you can trust, right in the comfort of your home. Experience the evolution of wellness with Therabody, a leader in tech wellness dedicated to enhancing your health and recovery.

How does TheraFace Mask contribute to skincare?

TheraFace Mask is a skincare innovation by Therabody that leverages advanced technologies to promote skin health and rejuvenation.

Luminous Mask Benefits

The Luminous Mask by TheraFace offers a range of benefits, including reducing wrinkles, dark spots, and acne. By using LED light therapy, the mask promotes skin rejuvenation and a smoother complexion.

LED Light Therapy in Theraface Mask

LED light therapy in the TheraFace Mask stimulates collagen production and reduces inflammation, leading to clearer and healthier skin. The technology targets various skin concerns, ensuring a comprehensive skincare solution.

Promoting Skin Rejuvenation

TheraFace Mask contributes to skin rejuvenation by improving skin tone and texture, enhancing elasticity, and reducing the signs of aging. With consistent use, users can achieve a radiant and youthful appearance.

Q: What are the primary benefits of the TheraFace Mask?
A: The TheraFace Mask offers several primary benefits, including the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, improved firmness and facial contour, and lightened dark spots for a more even skin tone. Additionally, it enhances skin radiance and luminosity, and improves overall skin texture and smoothness. Clinical studies have shown visible improvements in as little as 8 weeks with regular use.

Q: What types of light therapy does the TheraFace Mask use and what are their benefits?

A: The TheraFace Mask utilizes three types of light therapy:

  1. Red Light - Reduces fine lines and wrinkles and firms the skin.
  2. Red + Infrared Light - Reduces dark spots and improves skin radiance.
  3. Blue Light - Targets and fights acne-causing bacteria, helping to clear acne.

Q: What additional feature does the TheraFace Mask include to enhance the user experience?

A: The TheraFace Mask includes 17 proprietary QX-Micro Motors that deliver massaging vibration therapy to key pressure points on the face and scalp, promoting relaxation and stress relief. It also features a hands-free design with removable protective eye shields, allowing users to multitask during their treatment.

Q: What are the key components included with the TheraFace Mask?

A: The TheraFace Mask package includes:

  • TheraFace Mask device
  • Removable Protective Eye Shields
  • Display Stand
  • Adapter (USB-A+C to USB-C)

Q: What were the results observed by participants after 8 weeks of daily use of the TheraFace Mask?

A: After 8 weeks of daily use, study participants reported the following results:

  • 96% saw overall healthier-looking skin
  • 96% agreed that their skin looks and feels smoother
  • 93% agreed that their skin feels more rejuvenated and luminous
  • 93% saw an improvement in the overall appearance of their skin

Q: How does the TheraFace Mask promote skin health and relaxation?

A: The TheraFace Mask promotes skin health through its LED light therapy, which targets various skin concerns such as wrinkles, dark spots, and acne. Additionally, its built-in massaging vibration therapy delivered by 17 proprietary QX-Micro Motors targets key pressure points on the face and scalp, promoting relaxation and stress relief, enhancing the overall skincare experience.