Time Master Pro by Sculplla

Time Master Pro by Sculplla

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  • Time Master Pro by Sculplla - New & Improved

    HOP+ House of PLLA

    House Of PLLA HOP + Time Master Pro - New & Improved

    The Time Master Pro New & Improved by Sculplla is a lightweight device that uses professional-grade low frequency to activate skin metabolism, regenerate skin cells to instantaneous firming of sagging skin and deep lines on the face Outputting over...
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  • Time Master Pro Battery - Black

    Time Master Pro

    Time Master Pro Battery - Black

    Time Master Pro Battery - Black.  This is a Lithium Ion Battery - Specs are: 1000mAh 3.7V / 3.7Wh - model number 102050, part number 201910 made in Korea and specifically for the Time Master Pro.  Using another battery will void your...
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About Time Master Pro by Sculplla

Time Master Pro by Sculplla uses low frequency ultrasound waves to achieve this effect. The device is also safe to use, as it measures the same frequency as a professional-grade laser device but with much lower energy output so there is no damage done to the skin like that which can be caused by heat.

Time master pro by Sculplla can also achieve the desired results through the use of Electro Muscle Stimulation. This technology uses electrical current to activate cells and stimulate collagen production.

The device also comes with a built-in ultrasound function that will induce collagen in the skin. The rapid oscillation of tissue action will help to ensure that maximum benefits are achieved from each treatment.

Does The Time Master Pro Tighten Skin?

Time Master Pro works as an ultrasound wave causes vibration of the surrounding skin tissues, "cascade of intercellular communication." It strengthens and lifts. As you move it your face will feel tighter almost immediately

How often can you use time Master Pro?

Time Master Pro is meant to be used every 2-3 days. After a few weeks, the effects will last longer and you can cut back down from using it twice per week all together!

Does The Time Master Pro Use Ultrasound Technology? 

Time Master Pro Utilizes professional grade low-frequency ultrasound will make you look and feel years younger. The powerful wave frequency of 90,000Hzrequency vibrates the skin to produce a plumping effect that stimulates metabolism in order for your cells go back into production mode!

Can I use the Time Master Pro If I've Had Botox?

If you have received Botox, it is important to follow the doctor's instructions for aftercare. We recommend waiting 10 days before proceeding with any other treatments and avoiding those treated areas if possible as well!

What conducting gel should I use with the Time Master Pro?

The device comes with a Sculplla Promoter Collagen Gel that you can use on your skin. This will "work" the cells in order to produce more collagen and make our faces look younger!

Is Skin Beauty an authorized retailer of Time Master Pro?

Skin Beauty is an authorized retailer of Time Master Pro products. We are licensed estheticians and we purchased directly from the company, so you can trust that our staff will always know which products to recommend for your skin type or concern