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When was Lancome founded?

It was established in France in the mid 1930’s.

Is Lancome plant based?

No, Lancome is not vegan. In many of their products, they formulate with ingredients derived from animals. Some of the non-vegan ingredients that Lancome uses in their products are lanolin, carmine, beeswax, squaline, animal hair, and more.

Is Lancome a cruelty-free company?

No, Lancome isn't truly cruelty-free. It states on their website: 'L'Oreal no longer tests its products or ingredients on animals anywhere in the world, nor does L'Oreal delegate this task to others. An exception would only be made if authorities demanded it for safety or regulatory purposes.

Where are Lancome products made?

Lancome products are manufactured in different locations including France. However, the brand Lancome doesn't manufacture its products in China. Lancome manufactures its products in different central locations before shipping them to different parts of the world.

Does Lancome have natural products?

No, Lancome does not make any claims that they are all natural or organic.