The Must-Haves In Your Skincare Routine

The Must-Haves In Your Skincare Routine

A skincare routine can be as simple or extensive as you want it. Some may incorporate a 10-step method like the Korean routine, and others may decide that only a face wash is necessary. Those examples are on opposite ends of the spectrum.The ideal skincare regimen falls somewhere in between. A regimen with more steps might not work for everyone because it's time-consuming, and a simple face wash might not leave you with the healthiest skin.

Morning Routine

Wash Face - Using a gentle cleanser in the morning is all you need. The face should already be free of makeup if you cleansed it the night before. You might wonder if you still need to wash your face in the morning at all. The answer is yes! During the night, your skin can again accumulate environmental debris in the air, or dead skin cells collected on your pillowcase. Washing your face in the morning also helps remove any oils produced overnight to improve skincare products' penetration. It also gives the skin a boost of hydration.

Moisturize - Applying a moisturizer keeps skin feeling hydrated, but it can also help maintain your skin's healthy cells and protect it from irritation. When skin gets dry, it can cause irritation resulting in breakouts and acne. Moisturizers also improve the appearance of dehydration lines. Look for products that contain antioxidants to protect the skin from pollutants during the day.

Sunscreen - Many overlook sunscreen use, but it's probably one of the best things you can do for your skin. Regardless of whether the sun is out or not, it is a good habit to apply sunscreen every morning. UV rays from the sun can cause damage to the skin resulting in wrinkles and hyperpigmentation.

Evening Routine

Remove Makeup - Going to bed without removing your makeup is a big no-no. Using a makeup remover is necessary to rid the face of hard to wash waterproof products. It also prevents having to scrub and tug on your skin during the face wash process.

Wash Face - Nighttime facial cleansing removes pollutants that have settled on your face during the day. It also removes excess oil, bacteria, and makes it less susceptible for pores to become clogged. Not washing the face at night can lead to acne, premature aging, and possibly infection.

Moisturize - A nighttime cream helps to renew your skin and lock in moisture. Use products that have reparative properties such as retinoid, which has anti-aging benefits.

Aug 12th 2020 Skin Beauty

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