MBK Skincare Aqua Pure Serum - 1 oz

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MBK Skincare Aqua Pure Serum enhances skin suppleness, elasticity, and tone. It harmonizes the skin's water balance and optimally restores moisture. Additionally, it strengthens the skin's protective functions and refreshes its surface. Experience the revitalizing benefits of this serum for a radiant and healthy complexion.


  • Formulated to cater to the needs of all skin types
  • Focus on providing intense hydration for those with dehydrated skin
  • Unique blend of nourishing ingredients works harmoniously to replenish and restore
  • Leaves you feeling refreshed, revitalized, and deeply hydrate


To enhance your skincare routine, gently apply a small amount of Aqua Pure Serum to your freshly cleansed and toned skin, both in the morning and evening. This should be done before applying moisturizer, allowing the serum to work its magic.

MBK Skincare Aqua Pure Serum Ingredients:

Aquaxyl™, Hyaluronic Acid, Jojoba Oil, Panthenol, Pentavitin


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