Resolve an Issue with Route Insurance


We’ve partnered with Route—a package protection and tracking solution—to give you the best possible delivery experience. Route offers a few options to improve the experience:  Route is a premium package protection for your online orders.

When you add Route at checkout, you can easily file claims for lost, stolen or damaged packages in the unfortunate case that they arise.

File a Claim with Route Package Protection

Purchased Route and need to file a claim? Must file within Route's Deadline


What if I didn’t want Route Package Protection?


If you do not want Route Package Protection, make sure to toggle the insurance to "Off" before submitting your order.  Route service fee is collected directly from Route Company.  Per Route policy, Route cannot refund the cost of route services once your item has shipped.

If your item has shipped, Route is protecting your package that is currently in transit. If your package is lost, damaged, or stolen, Route will replace the item for you.

Claim Filing Requirements

See Route Package Protection Policies 

When to report an order issue 

It is understood and agreed that the following timelines for claims transmittal must be adhered to in order for a claims to be processed: 

• LOST ITEM: An item is considered lost if it never is reported as Delivered. This can also include if your order has been stuck in any shipping state OTHER than "Delivered" You may report an order issue if enough time has been allowed for delivery to take place and it's well past the expected delivery date, or if your order is stuck in a shipping state other than "Delivered"

• DAMAGED ORDER: If your item arrives damaged, unusable, or otherwise in an unacceptable condition, we invite you to report an order issue right away. Please remember to include pictures of the item(s) and packaging. Order issues for the damaged item(s) can be reported right away. Damaged packages must be filed within 15 days from the date it was marked delivered. 

• STOLEN PACKAGE: Order issues for packages marked "delivered" yet not received and where there is no evidence of “porch piracy” must be made 5 days after “delivery date” but no longer than 15 days to ensure it was not misdelivered or easily found around the premises."

If you have any questions regarding a reorder or refund completed through Route Package Protection, you can reach out here and Route be happy to assist you!

Deadlines to report an order issue

When you purchase Route Package Protection, you can report an order issue for packages that may be lost, stolen, or damaged. Read Route Package Protection Policies

All issues must be reported within 60 days of the order date.

Ensure you report an issue within the respective deadlines:

  • Damaged: Within 15 days of when the package was marked delivered
  • Lost (domestic): Between 7* and 30 days from the last tracking update
  • Lost (international): Between 20* and 30 days from the last tracking update
  • Stolen: Between 5* and 15 days of when the package was marked delivered

*Route requires these wait-to-file periods for stolen and lost orders as packages are sometimes delayed in transit or prematurely marked as delivered.