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Sanitas Sensitive Skin Kit is a simple daily skin care routine for sensitive skin to deliver anti-aging benefits, improve barrier strengthening system, and calm irritation. When you have sensitive skin, your skin tends to be easily irritated, either by environmental things like sun, wind, cold, or topical products, like lotions or fragrances.

The irritation can lead to symptoms like redness, stinging, burning, itchiness, and general discomfort. This gentle yet effective daily skincare kit calms sensitive areas immediate and lasting improvement, beginning the process of reinforcing and protecting reactive skin. Not sure what is your skin type, take this easy, simple quiz!

Every skincare routine starts with cleanser, Sanitas Sensitive Skin Cleanser washes away dirt, makeup, oil, and sebum without causing any irritation or inflammation. Applying toner right after to prepare the skin for a serum with Sanitas Moisture Mist promotes the benefits of other treatments in your skincare regimen for the best result and refreshes your skin immediately.

The next step is Sanitas Skin Soothing Concentrate, specially designed for sensitive skin with a calming, protective formula to bolster skin resilience while alleviating irritation on contact. Finish your simple daily skin care routine with Sanitas Sensitive Skin Moisturizer, calms sensitive skin with the powerful hydrating ingredients to reveal a smooth, fresh complexion.

Sanitas Sensitive Skin Kit is the best way to invest in your skin, worth every penny with 10 times result!

Kit Includes:


  • Ideal for sensitive skin.
  • Delivers solutions for Hypersensitive Skin, Itchy Skin, Rosacea, and Redness.
  • Effectively cleanses without irritating or causing inflammation.
  • Softens and smooths the skin with Hyaluronic Acid.
  • Works as a makeup setting spray.
  • Instantly refreshes and hydrates skin throughout the day.
  • Addresses chronically reactive skin.
  • Supports collagen depleted skin.
  • Increases skin renewal.
  • Provides antioxidant protection.


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