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Sothys Skin Care

Sothys Skin Care

Sothys Skin Care Cleansers & Toners

Sothys Cleansers and Sothys Toners: The first step in fighting against aging is to properly clean the skin well. A proper and complete cleansing process entails a pH balanced cleanser and toner.

The purpose of a cleanser is to rid the epidermis of microscopic particles. In fact, just washing the face and removing makeup is an important treatment in itself. Sothys Cleanser is replacement of soap that you may have used in the past.

Sothys Lotion in a dual capacity as an alcohol-free toner and freshner is considered the accompany product of the Sothys Skin Cleanser. Sothys Skin Lotion works to remove any residue left over by Sothys Skin Cleanser. Its also re-establishes the skin's appropriate pH balance.

Sothys skin cleansing products (Sothys Skin Cleansers and Sothys Skin Lotions) differentiate from one another by their active constituents. Each cleanser and lotion is formulated for a particular skin type.

Sothys Skin Care Special Cleansers

Sothys, with Sothys Skin Cleansers and Sothys Skin Lotions, has established an ideal cleansing system. A fully developed cleansing treatment continues with special products that particularly cleanse and revitalize the skin.

Sothys special cleansing products aid in unclogging, and dissolving accumulated sebum in the follicles and eliminating keratinized cells (surface dead cells).

Sothys Eye and Lip Makeup Removing Fluid eliminate any traces of make-up and contribute to maintaining moisture where it's needed the most, in a protective non-irritating formula.

Sothys Skin Care Hydra-Protective - Normal to Combination Skin

Sothys Hydra-Protective objective: These Sothys products for normal to combination skin combine active principles extracted from the most efficient plants which have been selected for their properties in terms of water-based protection, hydration and balancing characteristics. Sothys has developed a complete skin care range that is formulated to maintain the natural physiological balance of the skin. The nature of these products is to preserve the skin's natural balance and to establish a continuance in skin care.

Sothys Skin Care Oily Skin with Blemish Problems

Sothys for Oily Skin objective: An oily skin can be recognized by its shiny appearance. This is the result of overactive sebaceous glands which in turn can obstruct pores. The main purpose of this Sothys product line is to normalize oil secretions and maintain a protective moisture level. The products are designed to work together to maximize sebum regulation and treat blemished, yet provide hydration and protection for a flawless skin.

Sothys Skin Care Sensitive Skin

Sothys Sensitive Skin objective: The Sensitive Skin line brings a concrete and innovative answer to treating sensitive and ultra-sensitive skins. Its treatment is to soothe, strengthen, and protect this type of reactive skin. The technical answer is obtained through a biotechnological ingredient, Photonyl. Photonyl teaches the skin self-defense by protecting the epidermal immune cells: the Langerhans cells.

All of Sothys Soothing products are hypo-allergenic, fragrance-free, and color-free.

Sothys Skin Care Clear & Comfort - Redness/Rosacea Skin

Sothys Clarte & Confort objective: The purpose of this Sothys line is reinforce the strength of the blood vessels and to provide skin-protecting ingredients that will provide anti-redness and soothing actions.

Sothys Skin Care Serums - Anti-Aging

Preventing skin aging does not have a single answer nor single remedy by a management of concepts and well formulated products. The Sothys Specialized Care line are formulated with very specific high-tech performance. They applies scientific principles behind each product so that it perfectly matches the optimal results of the maintenance and deterrence of skin aging.

Sothys Serums Anti-Aging objective: A new concept of double action anti-wrinkle serum. Sothys anti-glycation effects works to boost the renewal of collagen, fight against free radicals, stimulates fibroblasts and prevents skin slackening.

Sothys Grade 1 First Wrinkles Revitalizing Serum : Suitable for age 30-40, it restores the cellular energy for increased skin radiance, vitality and protection.

Sothys Grade 2 Anti-Wrinkle Lifting Serum : Suitable for age 40-50, it fills and smoothes lines with hyaluronic acid preserving the oval of the face.

Sothys Grade 3 Anti-Wrinkles Restructuring Serum : Suitable for age 50-60, it helps build a stronger skin structure and improve the overall appearance of the skin.

Sothys Grade 4 Replenishing Anti-Ageing Serum : Suitable for age 60 over, it helps the skin regain the essence of youth and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.

Sothys Skin Care Creams - Anti-Aging

Sothys Creams Anti-Aging objective: To protect the skin with a progressive active shield that works to visibly reduce and reverse the signs of aging. The action of this active shield, made up of tetrapeptides and natural plant extracts such as candle bush, alfalfa and myrtle, progresses as the skin ages in order to create a customized solution for each skin grade.

Sothys Grade 1 Anti-Aging Cream : Suitable for age 30-40, it smoothes and relaxes fines lines and the first visible expression lines protecting the DNA of the cells with a powerful antioxidant action.

Sothys Grade 2 Anti-Aging Cream : Suitable for age 40-50, it fills permanent wrinkles, plumps and preserves the overall firmness of the skin.

Sothys Grade 2 Anti-Aging Comfort Cream : Suitable for age 40-50 with dry skin type, it reinforces the structure of the dermis and offers anti-glycation effects.

Sothys Grade 3 Anti-Aging Cream : Suitable for age 50-60, it re-texturizes and remodels the skin with a lifting protein peptide complex and alfalfa extracts.

Sothys Grade 3 Anti-Aging Comfort Cream : Suitable for age 50-60 with dry skin type, it works to preserve collagen and elastin within the dermis to regain the skinís elasticity and suppleness.

Sothys Grade 4 Anti-Aging Cream : Suitable for age 60 over, it stimulates cellular activity, oxygenation and micro-circulation to reveal the essence of a younger skin.

Sothys Skin Care Aging Defying

Your skin may not have the same age as you. The radiance, condition and appearance of your skin does not necessarily reflect your real age. Environmental aggressions, lifestyle and skin care routine, can all influence how the skin ages. Sothys has developed a complete skin care range that is formulated to maintain the natural physiological balance of the skin.

Sothys Aging Defying objective: The first signs of skin aging are manifested by the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles, loss of skin flexibility and tired looking complexion. Sothys brings innovative responses to those that are seeking to preserve their natural radiance and the youthfulness of their skin. The line uses a powerful combination of sciences, Alpha Hydroxy Acids together with stimulating cell renewal and repairing Vitamins of A,C,E and intensive hydrating ingredients.

Sothys Skin Care Nutritive - Dry Skin

Sothys Nutritive objective: To nourish, moisturize and protect dry skin. Skin lacking sebum and epidermal lipids is often referred to as dry skin. Such a skin needs products that favor cellular protein cohesion and that can reduce transepidermal water loss. Sothys Nutritive Comfort Cream employs a water-in-oil technique that absorbs quickly, leaving the skin with a light smooth finish. The line is scientifically tested for its efficiency in lessening skin's dryness and to improve skin's hydration.

Sothys Skin Care Hydra3Ha - Hydrating

Sothys Hydra3Ha objective: A leading product in the range of Sothys line care, the purpose of the Hydra3Ha line is to retain the skin's water balance at the surface. The textures of the Hydra3Ha products are rapidly absorbed by the skin due to their special formulation. The Hydra3Ha employs an advanced delivery system to better respond to improving skin hydration.

Sothys Eye Care

Sothys Eye Cream objective: The contour of the eyes requires special attention, reducing edema, minimizing the appearance of crowsfeet, wrinkles and eliminating dark circles. Age, hormones, and stress play a tremendous effect on the destruction of the eye's skin tone. The skin around the eye is thinner than anywhere on the body. This causes the contours of the eyes to more likely be sensitive and susceptible to aging. To respond to the needs of the eyes, Sothys has formulated 3 special products.

Sothys Skin Care Cosmeceutique Rx - Aged & Sun-Damaged Skin

Sothys Cosmeceutique Rx objective: a new clinical skincare line based on potent anti-oxidants and active hydroxy acid complexes for intensive and immediate results. A program created to work in synergy with the Sothys Intensive Treatments and skincare regimen for maximum efficiency. The Sothys Cosmeceutique Dermoboosters have been expertly formulated to effectively target specific skin concerns.

Sothys Skin Care Energizing

Sothys Energizing object: To adapt to the specific needs of each woman featuring Siberian Ginseng. An exclusive spa treatment and at-home care to restore the skinís radiance and energy.

Sothys Skin Care [W.] + Whitening Line

Sothys [W.] + Whitening Line objective: Sothys [W.] + Whitening Line has been specially formulated to make the skin more transparent, uniform and luminous. It contains a blend of natural plant extracts that have powerful anti-pigmentation and anti-free radical activities.

Sothys Skin Care Pore Refiner System

Sothys Pore Refiner System objective: Aging skin is usually identified by its poor elasticity, relaxed skin and wrinkle formation. Sothys line response to alleviating aged skin revolves around various regimens; visibly tightening pores, minimizing free radicals, controlling the destruction of normal elastin and intensely replenishing the skin's water balance.

Sothys Secrets de Sothys Intensive Skin Care

Sothys Secrets de Sothys objective: The aging process lessens the skin's functions cellular renewal and ability to retain moisture. The Intensive Care products are based on several years of studies and research. These powerful formulas satisfy three main objectives:

  1. Prevention and diminution of fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin.
  2. Improvement of the tonicity of the tissue structure.
  3. Maintain the hydration of the superficial layer of epidermis.

Sothys intensive Care products represent the most active and most concentrated in retail product formulation. They are to be utilized for better performance during intensive periods of 4 to 6 weeks with usual application of other Sothys products. The use of Intensive Care products at home are the ideal complement to the skin care treatments, Institute Treatments, performed by a professional Sothys esthetician.

Sothys Skin Care - Sun Care

Sothys Sun Care objective: Our skin does not produce enough protection against ultraviolet light coming from the sun or artificial sources (sun lamps, self-tanners). All UV rays (UVA,UVB, UVC) are harmful and cumulatively cause photo-aging effects on the skin. The Sothys sun care products are formulated to give the skin the greatest attention facing the damages caused by sun. In addition to the UV protection of each sun care products, unique ingredients are used: Photonyl, which strengthens the skin's defense by protecting the immune system and Liquid Crystal emulsion and repairing vitamins. The UV protection of each Sothys sun care product is scientifically proven to provide instant defense against UVA and UVB rays. The specific formulations of Sothys products creates a much more efficient sun care range due to its selected skin care ingredients with superior protection.

Sothys - Body Care

Body Escape, Thalassothys, Slimming - Firming objectives: One of the main elements of Sothys Body Care and Spa Products is to make you feel invigorated and energized so that you feel satisfied with what you see in the mirror. Sothys decided to bring the same knowledge of its face care products to body care. The collection originates from innovative active principles of plant and marine extracts, nourishing plant oils and therapeutic essential oils. The continual use of Sothys products will yield positive results in strengthening the body firmness and tonicity.

Body Escape


Slimming - Firming

Sothys Retinol Test Results

Design and Conclusion

The following is a compilation of the test results performed at the SKIN Laboratories in Pennsylvania under the direction of Drs. Albert and Douglas Kligman . The product tested was Retinol - 15.

Ten healthy white women between the ages of 37 and 56, with moderately photodamaged facial skin, showing some mottling, fine wrinkling, laxity, dry-roughness and uneven texture. Each night for four months the test product was applied to the entire face after cleansing. Participants were demonstrated how much of the product to apply and how to spread it with the fingers, including the eye area. On two occasions, the panelists were recalled and observed while they applied the formulation. Based on monthly clinical examinations by a dermatologist, this product caused no objective or subjective adverse events. Clear cut benefits were observed and became quite apparent after 3 to 4 months of treatments. Skin texture improved appreciably as did fine lines and dyspigmentations. 30% improvement in Fine Lines, 35% Improvement in Pigmentation, 27% Improvement in the Skin's Texture.

Subject A

The participant was more photodamged than the others. Her skin exhibited a great deal of mottling, poor texture, fairly coarse wrinkes and laxity. The post-treatment changes were:
(1) decreased wrinkling (2) beaching of hyperpigmentation (3) smoother texture
Her post-treatment results were very good. 48% improvement on skin roughness, 28% improvement on desquamation

Subject B

This subject had roughly textured skin and prominent pores, with many microcomedones, (many women are more concerned with big pores than with wrinkles). The treatment resulted in a smoother, better textured skin which was not bumpy and rough. Retinol eliminated the microcomedones resulting in great reduction of "clogged", prominent pores. Prominent pores result from retention of horn and vellus hairs. The pores don't actually shrink. They appear smaller and less conspicuous because retained products are exfoliated. Fine wrinkles have also been effaced.

Subject C

This subject had many fine wrinkles and rough-dry surface. After treatment, the wrinkes were completely effaced. The skin was remarkably smoother and even-textured. Because of the removal of superficial fine scales, light is reflected rather than scattered. The surface thus appears shinier and glossy.

Sothys Retinol FAQ's

Q: What are the benefits I can expect from Retinol usage?
A: Research has shown that Retinol users experience a vast array of improvements in skin appearance through continuous usage. These benefits, which may begin to become visible after just a few days of usage include: a diminishing visibility of fine lines and wrinkles, a smoother overall appearance of facial contours and more evenly-completed skin tone. Some users have been even reported that their skin appears more supple and healthier-looking than before usage.

Q: What is the difference between Retinol and AHAs?
A: AHAs promote superficial exfoliation, whereas Retinol promotes the renewal of skin cells.

Q: Can both products be used at the same time?
A: Absolutely, though not in conjuction. The products are complimentary and each results in a different action. We recommend the use of AHAs in the morning and Retinol at night.

Q: At what age should someone begin using Retinol?
A: At any age. It's low potential for irritancy allows Systeme Retinol to be used on someone as young as 16. It's never too early to start caring for the youthful appearance of your skin.

Q: Is there any skin type Retinol is not recommended for?
A: Extremely dry skin may initially pass through a period of light drying and flaking. This stage, called the 'retinoid effect', is a period of acclimation to Vitamin A and is generally rare, but is rarer still with the skin-friendly advance of Microsponge technology. If it does occur, the effect is short-lived and can be alleviated by temporarily switching to every-other-night usage.

Q: Can irritation develop if Retinol is used with other skin care product?
A: Retinol is always used alone, at night, on cleansed skin. No other product should be applied before to avoid dilution of its beneficial effects. However, you should continue to use your intensive serums and creams during the day. Alternate the use of Retinol with Sothys Noctuelle with AHAs.

Q: What if someone develops overdrying when using Retinol?
A: We suggest using it every other night until the skin adjusts.

Q: It is really necessary to use a sunscreen everyday?
A; Yes. An SPF of at least 15 should be used during Retinol usage as UVA and UVB rays may counter-effect the benefits of Systeme Retinol.

Q: If Retinol is the purest form of Vitamin A, can't it just be purchased in a health food store?
A: No. Pure Vitamin A is simply not available at health food stores. If Vitamin A in its purest form were applied to the skin, it would be so irritating that no one could tolerate it. Vitamin A is also very unstable upon contact with air, which is why recent research suggests that other Vitamin A products may be less than effective. Without the unique stabilizing properties of the Microsponge system, Vitamin A would be inert before it even reaches the skin.

Q: Does that mean that Vitamin A products by other companies are useless?
A: Not necessarily. Cosmetic science has advance so much that most products today offer more than just one benefit. For instance, AHA products usually offer more than just exfoliaton - they often contain moisturizing ingredients or other secondary ingredients that boost the product's benefits. So, while the Vitamin A may not be effective, most of the products containing this ingredient also offer other important benefits. In Systeme Retinol by Sothys, the Vitamin A has been entrapped within Microsponge spheres which act as micro-reservoirs that maintain the crucial benefits of Vitamin A for use by the skin when and where needed.

Q: Does the skin absorb the Microsponge particles?
A; No. Microsponge particles are extremely small, inert, indestructible spheres that does not pass through the skin. Rather, they collect in the tiny nooks and crannies of skin and slowly release the entrapped Retinol as the skin needs it. The empty spheres are then washed away with the next cleansing.

Q: Why does Sothys offter two formulation?
A: Retinol - 15 is a starter product for all skin types. It acclimates the skin so there is little, if any retinoid effect. For all but the most sensitive skin, a move to Retinol - 30 can be made after the first month.

Q: Does that mean Retinol - 30 is more effective than Retinol - 15?
A: Retinol is a unique ingredient in that it offers cumulative benefits. That means that both Retinol - 15 and Retinol - 30 will eventually yield the same benefits. Retinol - 30 will simply give them more quickly.

Q: How soon after beginning Retinol use can results be seen?
A: Enhanced smoothness and radiance of the skin can be observed in as little as two weeks. With continued use (8-12 weeks), the appearance of fine lines and wrinkes will be diminished, and skin will take on a more youthful and firmer appearance. Increased exfoliation, which lends to a more even tone to sun-damaged skin, is secondary benefit and may be observed during the first few months of use.

Q: Is Retinol the same a Retin-A or Renova?
A: While Retinol is the natural form of Vitamin A, Renova and Retin-A are based on retinoic acid, a derivative of Vitamin A, which is a pharmaceutical, perscription-only ingredient.

Q: Can Retinol be used for acne?
A: Retinol is not a pharmaceutical ingredient and therefore is not prescribed as a treatment for acne or any other skin disorder. It may, offer comedolidic benefits - atter about a month of use, comedones, or blackheads, will come out more quickly, leaving the skin looking clearer, less clogged.

Q: Are there any contra-indications for the use of Retinol?
A: There are a few instances when Retinol use is not recommended. Firstly, no two retinoids should be used at the same time, so someone undergoing acne treatments should not use Retinol. Also, anyone undergoing a regimen of strong AHA's or peeling treatments should temporarily avoid Retinol until irritancy from those treatments has disappeared and is back to normal.

Sothys: Sothys Secrets Cream

Secrets de Sothys is an effective global anti-ageing care against all manifestations of time. It is a cellular protector, as well as a restructuring and anti-stress treatment. Profiting by a major cosmetic innovation - Tex-OE - , its ultra-concentrated formula also associates about fifteen ingredients, selected for their intrinsic qualities and complementary effects. Secrets de Sothys is more than a multi-active care product, it is also a day/night cream with a delicate perfume, an unrivalled texture, soft and smooth, non greasy, for an optimum comfortable application ... a privileged moment of pure pleasure. Secrets de Sothys is more than a multi-active care product, it is also a day/night cream with a delicate perfume, an unrivalled texture, soft and smooth, non greasy, for an optimum comfortable application ... a privileged moment of pure pleasure.

Sothys Lift Defense 2 Serum

Sothys Lift Defense 2 Serum - Intensive Serum An Intensive Home-Care Boost to Maintain the Effects of the Institute Treatment

Lift Defense 2 Intensive Care Serum is a genuine technological concentrate to optimize and prolong the benefits of the Lift Defense 2 Institute Treatment, in the form of a 4-6 week home care cure.

- It provides the skin with a double active/passive defense system thanks to moisturizing actives (Filagrinol, Fitoderm), and anti-glycation, anti-free radical ingredients (sunflower
polyphenols, and stablized vitamin E).

The texture of Lift Defense 2 serum is extremely soft with a satiny effect and is suited to all skin types.

- It improves
cellular communication.

- It restructures tissues and
has an anti-wrinkle/smoothing 'retinol-like" effect, resulting from the
presence of bio-mimetic peptides, agents that stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis.

-It smoothes and attenuates lines
For a face that is remodeled, firm, smooth, totally relaxed and that radiates youth.

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