Thalgo L'Oceane Pure Seawater - 20 x 0.34 oz

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Made from 100% living seawater, Thalgo L'Oceane provides the body with all the vital energy of the sea. It is ideal for anyone concerned by dehydration, skin dryness, overwork, stress, loss of energy, fatigue, preparation for physical exercise and convalescence.

Due to Marine plasma, Thalgo L'Oceane detoxifies, hydrates and revitalizes the body and is a natural anti-stress while providing an essential support for cellular life.


  • Revitalizes and hydrates the body.
  • Substances derived from algae and micro plankton provides antibiotic, healing and detoxifying power.
  • Natural anti-stress.
  • Ideal for anyone concerned by overexertion, loss of energy, lack of vitality, reduced strength during a diet.


Take 1-2 vials of Thalgo L'Oceane per day 15 minutes before a meal. Let the marine fluid remain in your mouth for a few seconds before swallowing. Repeatable 10 to 20-day treatment course. For children or sensitive people, the marine fluid may be diluted in water (2 tablespoons). L'Oceane can be used in conjunction with any other Thalgo nutrition treatment course, being careful not to exceed the maximum iodine amounts used (150 ???æg per day): one gel capsule = 0.6 ???æg.

Thalgo L'Oceane Ingredients:

hypertonic seawater, collected in the pure water of protected and controlled areas and packaged without undergoing high-temperature treatments or ionising radiation.
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This item has been discontinued
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