AG Hair Cleansing Cream - Travel Size

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The Cleansing Cream from AG's is the absolute gentlest method to cleanse your hair and takes the place of regular shampoo and conditioners. Suitable for extremely dry or brittle hair. To gently remove dirt and pollutants from the hair, Cleansing Cream is composed of AG's unique Sea Complex, which combines anti-aging sea berry


  • Contains Vitamin A & C to condition the hair, and Vitamin B to maintain an optimal scalp. 
  • High in Protein, Potassium, Iron, Vitamin K, and Iodine to help inspire stronger hair, and shield from unwanted damage.
  • High in Vitamin B1, B2,and B6 to revitalize and create optimal blood cells to transport oxygen throughout the hair.

Cleansing Cream - Travel Size Directions:

Massage a good amount into wet hair. rinse and repeat till satisfied. Not necessary to use conditioner. 

Cleansing Cream - Travel Size Ingredients: 

Giant Sea Kelp, Bladderwack Seaweed, Irish Moss, Dulse Seaweed, Seaberry Oil (Sea Buckthorn Oil), Spring Pea Protein, Shikakal, Desert Date(balanites aegyptiaca), Gysophila, Vitamin E, Honey Quat Moisturize, Grape Seed Oil


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