BABOR Intelli-Zyme Biological Exfoliation, 3.5 oz

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Reveal the inner beauty of your skin with Babor Intelli-zyme Biological Exfoliation. This bio-active pharmaceutical quality formulation produces significantly smoother, fresher skin while preserving healthy epidermal cells and protecting the skin????s natural pH level necessary to create an optimal healthy cell production environment. Intelli-zyme????s live ????smart???? enzymes target only dead skin cells that slow down healthy cell renewal - the leading cause of dull, sluggish skin appearance. After only one application, your skin will instantly appear smoother and brighter. Dermatologically tested, Babor Intelli-zyme Biological Exfoliation is all-natural and, unlike scrubs, acids or at-home microdermabrasion products, Babor Intelli-zyme Biological Exfoliation contains no abrasive particles, harsh chemicals or acids, which can cause epidermal damage or upper layer thinning side effects. Directions: Use Babor Intelli-zyme Biological Exfoliation twice weekly after cleansing to exfoliate your skin. Simply activate a teaspoon size amount of exfoliation powder with several drops of warm water in your hand and emulsify to create a foamy consistency. (Please note - granules are not exfoliators. They are crystallized enzymes designed to melt into the skin and become biologically active.) Apply gently to the face, neck and decollete, adding more water as needed. After one minute, rinse with cool water. Babor Intelli-zyme Biological Exfoliation is also highly recommended for occasional overall body exfoliation in the shower (hands, elbows, knees and feet), especially before shaving and self-tanning. For optimal results, use this special formulation together with Babor????s Hy-Oil and Babor Phytoactive Base cleansing system daily.

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