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Bio-Therapeutic bt-micro Fusion is designed to boost product performance, remove blackheads, and blur fine lines. Using patented ultrasonic and microcurrent technology, the Bio-Therapeutic bt-micro Fusion comes with 3 pre-programmed modes with high and low-power options for different individual needs. This lightweight device is a must for any skincare routine.


  • Quicker, more effective than fingertip application
  • Enhances product penetration
  • Smooths texture, evens tone
  • Removes black heads
  • Softens appearance of fine lines
  • Slim, lightweight, ergonomic design

Bio-Therapeutic bt-micro Fusion modes:

  • Exfol Mode - Maximizes the cleansing and exfoliation steps, helping to gently remove dulling dead skin debris, excess oils and impurities for exceptionally clean skin.
  • Clear Mode - Helps to loosen impacted oils and dead skin cells for exceptional at home extractions, helping to safely remove blackheads. 
  • Apply Mode - Helps to deliver your serums and moisturizers to the skin, optimizing absorption.

Bio-Therapeutic bt-micro Fusion Includes:

  1. Bio-Therapeutic bt-micro fusion
  2. Operation Manual
  3. Quick Start Guide
  4. A/C power adapter
  5. Magnetic USB contact charger
  6. Charging station / equipment stand
  7. Protective silicone applicator cover, silver ion infused
  8. Pink silicone carrying case, silver ion infused
  9. Fabric sleeve with drawstring
  10. One Year Limited Warranty


See step-by-step instructions included with device

Exploring the Bio-Therapeutic BT-Micro Fusion: Ultimate Exfoliation Tool

Introducing the bio-therapeutic BT-Micro Fusion – a revolutionary tool designed to perform ultimate exfoliation and product application. This compact and powerful ultrasonic exfoliation system is making waves in the beauty industry and is ideal for skincare regimens. Let's take a closer look at the key features, functionality, and benefits of the BT-Micro Fusion.

What are the Key Features of BT-Micro Fusion?

BT-Micro Fusion features industry-leading ultrasonic power in a compact and durable alloy construction, making it ideal for cosmetic exfoliation and product application. Its perfect balance enables it to penetrate the living layers of the skin, effectively extracting oil and impurities while offering diagnostic and preventive skin treatment.

How does BT-Micro Fusion Work for Skin Exfoliation?

This innovative technology offers ultrasonic exfoliation using forward-thinking design, allowing it to penetrate the living layers of the skin. It effectively extracts oil and impurities, providing diagnostic and preventive skin treatment. The BT-Micro Fusion is the ultimate tool for exfoliation, providing a compact, powerful, and customized treatment for individual skin needs.

What Makes BT-Micro Fusion the Ultimate Tool for Product Application?

BT-Micro Fusion features an industry-leading ultrasonic power and offers enhanced penetration for product absorption. Its compact design and durable construction make it perfectly prepared for product application, ensuring that the skincare regimen is enhanced with customized treatments for individual skin needs.

Where can I Find Specifications and Downloads for BT-Micro Fusion?

To access the product specifications and utilize BT-Micro Fusion in beauty treatments, one can benefit from the features of BT-Micro Fusion. It offers the perfect balance for cosmetic exfoliation and enhanced penetration for product absorption, providing a comprehensive solution for skincare needs.

How Can I Integrate BT-Micro Fusion into my Skincare Routine?

Understanding the importance of regular exfoliation and maximizing results with BT-Micro Fusion is essential for enhancing skincare regimens. This revolutionary tool offers industry-leading ultrasonic power, ensuring that your skincare routine is optimized with effective exfoliation and product application for a radiant and healthy complexion.

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