BB Creams 101: What to Know and When to Use Them

BB Creams 101: What to Know and When to Use Them

So you've heard bb creams are the new thing in beauty? They have taken over the market, and it's for a good reason. They're light, moisturizing, easy to use, and give great coverage for a flawless complexion. But bb cream or foundation? Which should I buy? And when do I use them? Let's walk through some bb cream 101 basics so that you know what to look for next time you go shopping!

What Is BB (Blemish Balm) Cream?

BB stands for beauty balm or blemish balm. A bb cream is a multi-tasking beauty product that can be used as a foundation without using a separate moisturizer. It's a combination of skincare and foundation. Most bb creams are a hybrid of foundation and tinted moisturizers with beneficial ingredients. Beauty balms not only provide lighter coverage than foundation but are formulated with special ingredients to address different skin concerns. BB creams are designed to cover blemishes, even out skin tones, and provide sun protection and anti-aging properties. While bb creams come in various formulations with different ingredients and coverage levels, they all include moisturizers that will hydrate your skin. In addition, many bb creams contain skincare ingredients such as vitamin C or aloe vera extract to help nourish the skin. There are also bb creams specially formulated for people with oily skin or dry skin types.

What Is CC Cream?

BB and cc creams are both all-in-one formula products but there are some differences. CC stands for color correcting. CC cream has more coverage than bb cream but is great for oily skin types as it often comes in a matte formula.

Foundation Or BB Cream?

Although many might confuse bb cream as a substitute for foundation, it is not. If you're looking for full coverage to hide imperfections or blemishes, the foundation is the better choice. BB cream does provide coverage, but it will be sheer to medium. The best time to wear a bb cream is when you want something like a tinted moisturizer and you're wearing no makeup at all or just some concealer.

BB Cream Skin Care Benefits

The most beneficial part of bb cream is that it can still provide some coverage while adding benefits to the skin. Many bb creams are formulated with broad SPF protection, hyaluronic acid to moisturize, and green tea extract to provide anti-aging benefits. Some bb cream products lighten skin and even address issues of acne-prone skin. However, there are some downsides to bb cream. Unlike foundation, bb cream is usually only available in generalized shades, so you're unable to get the perfect skin tone match. It also doesn't provide maximum coverage like the foundation either.

How To Apply BB Cream

Applying bb cream properly is the best way to get a natural-looking finish. Depending on whether you have pale skin or dark skin tone, selecting the right shade is important. Because not all bb creams are created equally, you should choose the correct formula for your skin type and whether you want sheer coverage or light to medium coverage. Hydrating formulas are best for dry skin while an oil free breathable formula that covers blemishes is good for oily skin types. Applying bb cream using your fingers is the best as the warmth from your fingers help to melt it into the skin for a seamless finish. A foundation brush isn't necessary as there is not much coverage that needs to be blended. 

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