Best Eye Makeup For Your Eye Shape

Best Eye Makeup For Your Eye Shape

Have you seen eye makeup on someone that you just loved? I have always liked the smoky-eyed and cat-eyed look. Lots of time have been spent watching tutorials on achieving it. But no matter how hard I try, it just didn’t look right on me. Then I realized that my makeup doesn’t look like the person in the tutorial because my eye shape is different. I’ve been using the wrong technique for my eye shape!

Different Eye Shapes

Almond-shaped eyes - have smaller eyelids and are tapered at the inner and outer corners of the eyes - just like an almond. Usually, the top and bottom iris are slightly hidden under the lids.

Round shaped eyes - are more circular and look big. The iris usually is not covered by any lids exposing the white part all the way around. The inner and outer corners are rounded and are not tapered.

Upturned shaped eyes- are also known as cat eyes. The outer corner of the eyes tilted upward and is higher than the inner corner.

Downturned shaped eyes - have the outer corners tilted downward and is lower than the inner corner.

Monolid shaped eyes - are characterized by not having a prominent crease in the eyelids.

Hooded shaped eyes - is when the fold of the skin hangs over to conceal the crease.

Best Makeup For Different Eye Shape

Almond-shaped eyes - This eye shape is the most symmetrical and can pull off any style or shade. To get the cat-eyed eyeliner look, draw a thinner line from the inner corner and get thicker as you get towards the outer edge. As for eyeshadow, the classic smoky-eyed looks beautiful on almond-shaped eyes.

Round shaped eyes - To help give the eyes a more elongated look, emphasize the outer corners. Start the eyeliner at the highest point of the eyes and draw a winged eyeliner that extends past the eyelid and points upward to balance rounded eyes. Contour the eyes with eyeshadow by using a darker shade in the center of the lid and lighter colors on the outer corners to highlight them.

Upturned shaped eyes - Lengthen the look of the upper lid by applying eyeliner and smudging it. Use a dark eyeshadow on the outer corner of the lower lash line, followed by medium shade on the upper lid. Finally, apply a subtle highlight to the brow bone.

Downturned shaped eyes - To create a more lifted look, apply the eyeliner on the top lid with a slight flick upward on the outer corner of the eyes. Apply eyeshadow and blend the outer edges upward.

Monolid shaped eyes - Define the eyes by using eyeliner to tight line the eyes. Use a gradient eyeshadow effect by applying a darker color closer to the lash line and work upwards to the brow bone with a shimmery tone to add dimension to the eyes.

Hooded shaped eyes - When drawing in eyeliner, keep eyes open to prevent from smudging on upper lids and being hidden when eyes are open. Apply eyeshadow on the lid and carry them up to the brow bone.

Jul 20th 2020 Skin Beauty

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