Best Products To Firm Skin On The Neck

Best Products To Firm Skin On The Neck

As you age, the skin will inevitably become wrinkly and saggy. Not everyone ages the same way, and you might notice that the skin on your neck seems to be drooping a lot lower than your friend’s. The not so nice term called “turkey neck” affects many of us. Most of the time, we are so concerned about preventing other parts of our face from signs of aging that the neck gets neglected.

What Causes Saggy Skin On The Neck?

Aging - As we age, the muscles in our neck weaken, and skin loses its elastin and collagen. Elastin gives the skin the ability to bounce back while collagen is what keeps skin firm. Factors such as sun exposure, poor diet, and environmental pollutants speed up the aging process.

Weight Loss - Collagen and elastin can become damaged when the body has extra weight, making it more difficult for it to bounce back when the extra pounds are lost. Those that have experienced rapid weight loss may notice large amounts of sagging skin. The age when weight loss has occurred also determines how saggy your skin may become since your skin is more resilient when you’re younger.

How To Firm Skin On the Neck?

Surgery - The most invasive and effective in treating turkey neck is with surgery. These procedures may include removal of excess skin, removing or altering neck muscles, or removing excess fat by making incisions into the skin. Because cuts are made, it may result in scarring.

Non-invasive Cosmetic Procedures - These treatments leave the skin intact without having to cut into it. Some non-invasive techniques such as ultrasound, radiofrequency, or laser treatments are used to tighten the skin on the neck.

Neck Exercises - Weak neck muscles is one of the reasons for sagging neck skin. Doing neck exercises helps to strengthen and firm the neck area. Lift the chin up to the ceiling and move the jaw forward as much as possible. Hold the neck in the stretch position for 5 seconds and repeat the movement ten times.

Topical Treatments - With the abundance of neck creams available, it is hard to tell which one works. The best creams include ingredients like peptides, ceramics, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, retinol, growth factors, and SPF to protect and firm the skin.

Jul 24th 2020 Skin Beauty

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