These Skin Care Mistakes Can Cause  Acne And Breakouts In Summer

These Skin Care Mistakes Can Cause Acne And Breakouts In Summer

Summer can do numbers of damages to your skin. The combination of moisture, the heat, and sunlight may clog your pores. If you're not cleaning correctly, then things will remain rooted in the skin. Consequently, you're going to take care of much more acne, occasional breakouts, blackheads.

These are common mistakes you may accidentally make that can cause acne and breakouts during summer. 

1. You’re exfoliating too often

A common skincare mistake in summer is people usually exfoliate more since the skin begin to be greasier and break out more. However, scrubbing will only hurt your skin and causing it to produce more oil. Therefore, instead of scrubbing more, you should be exfoliating no more than three times a week. You may use salicylic acid-based toner for the exfoliating.

2. You are wearing too much make-up. 

If you wear make-up throughout summertime, make-up shouldn't be allowed to sit on your face more than 8 hours. It is crucial to take off the make-up with a make-up remover and deep cleansing. Otherwise, you might end up with acne and breakout. 

3. You’re not moisturizing enough

Skipping moisturizer and not moisturizing enough may cause the skin to overcompensate with more oil, which potentially means more breakouts. An oil-free moisturizer is an excellent choice for oily skin. The right moisturizer will not only help reduce the risk of irritation, also help your skin hydrated and smooth, and avoid breakouts.

4. You are using heavy sunscreen

Sunscreen is always an essential part of any skin-care routine, especially in summer and including when you're treating acne and breakout. However, some heavy sunscreens may cause acne and breakouts. Dermatologist recommends oil-free and noncomedogenic sunscreens that won't clog pores 

In summer, you'd like to focus on hydrating instead of generating a sheath of cream or petroleum, and moisturizing. You need to concentrate on serums, gels, and mists because these will feed the skin and hydrate it without arousing it so much that it creates more oil.

Aug 14th 2019 Skin Beauty

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