Tips For Longer Lasting Nail Polish

Tips For Longer Lasting Nail Polish

As a little girl, I use to love playing with fingernail polish. Funny that I'm older, I still love it! There's just something so satisfying about having shiny colored nails. As many of you may know, keeping those nails perfectly polished can be a challenge. I hate seeing my beautifully painted nails peel and chip after doing a load of dishes. Although you may not keep them lasting forever, there are tips that you can take to keep them looking freshly painted a little longer.

Clean Your Nails

Giving your nails a quick wipe down with white vinegar can improve the longevity of your nail polish. It helps to remove any build-ups and natural oils that may inhibit polish from adhering to your nails.

Keep Nails Moisturized

Having dry and brittle nails makes nail polish chip easier. Keep them healthy by applying nourishing oil every so often, and having a healthy diet with proper vitamins and nutrients makes for stronger nails.

Use A Base Coat

A base coat keeps your nails from staining, but it also keeps polish lasting longer. Find one that is strong and grippy to extend the life of your manicure.

Use Gloves

Protecting your manicure is important to keep them lasting. Using gloves when doing dishes, using household cleansers, or heavy-duty work is a good idea to protect the nail polish.

Use A Top Coat

Using a top coat seals in the nail color to help it last longer and protect it, so it doesn't chip as often. It is also a good idea to reapply a top coat every two to three days.

Don't Paint Over Cuticles

Keeping the cuticles clean and pushed down is a sign of properly manicured hands. Getting it on the cuticles breaks the seal between the polish and your nails. When it comes off your skin, it will lift off the nail as well. Not getting nail polish on the cuticles prevents it from lifting and chipping.

Paint Top Edges Of Nails

Covering the top edges of the nails with polish, also known as capping, will prevent it from lifting.

Let Nails Dry Completely

Nails may feel dry to the touch, but it takes about 1 to 2 hours to completely dry. Blowing cold air, not hot, or dipping fingers in a bowl of ice water can help speed up the drying time.

Aug 6th 2020 Skin Beauty

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