BrainMD Bright Minds Therapy Lamp

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BrainMD Bright Minds Therapy Lamp delivers light therapy to help improve focus, energy, sleep, and mood.  It is known to alleviate seasonal affective disorder or winter blues.  It mimics outdoor light which is thought to cause a chemical change in the brain that lifts your mood and eases other symptoms.  BRIGHT MINDS is an acronym that identifies specific areas for improving your brain. Through brain imaging work to keep your brain healthy you must prevent or treat the 11 BRIGHT MINDS risk factors that steal your mind: 

B is for Blood Flow

R is for Retirement and Aging

I is for Inflammation

G is for Genetics

H is for Head Trauma

T is for Toxins

M is for Mental Health

I is for Immunity and Infections

N is for Neurohormones

D is for Diabesity

S is for Sleep

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