Dermalogica Dual Sided Bath Body Brush

  • Dermalogica Dual Sided Bath Body Brush
  • Dermalogica Dual Sided Bath Body Brush 2 Brushes
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Dermalogica Dual Sided Bath Body Brush is a dual body brush with natural boar bristles for dry or wet brushing and massaging nubs for cellulite treatment. The oak wood handle is long-lasting than others, so you never have to worry about the deformation of the handle after a long time of use.

The body scrubbing side is made of bristles stimulates circulation to keep skin renewed, soft, and radiant. Plus, it exfoliates without irritation and supports healthy skin. The elastic massage nubs, on the other side, aim to relax your tense muscles, promote blood circulation, alleviate fatigue, and reduce cellulite.

The brush can clean exfoliation enhances skin elasticity, activates circulation, promotes blood circulation. Using daily will make your skin highly compact, smooth and elastic, effectively reduce wrinkles, fold line, age spots, dry brushing body brush reduce for cellulite, exfoliating body scrub.

With an 11" Long Handled Spa quality brush made with natural wood and the most excellent quality natural bristles to reach every spot on your body that can benefit from treatment. Dermalogica Dual Sided Bath Body Brush is perfect for wet or dry skin brushing that helps to remove the dead or dry skin cell, soften your skin, and massage your body.


  • Suitable for Women, Man, Elder.
  • Gentle bristles provide a full-body clean.
  • Easily cleans those hard to reach areas.
  • Provides the handle for greater in-shower control.
  • Exfoliate, Cleanse, and Remove Dead Skin.
  • Offers massaging nubs for cellulite treatments.
  • Stimulates circulation to keep skin renewed.


Wet and apply soap or body wash. Wash. Rinse and hang to dry.

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