Glow Younger TriLight LED Device

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Glow Younger TriLight LED is a lightweight, portable device that offers professional LED light therapy anti-aging results in the comfort of your home. LED Light Therapy is an effective and affordable technology for achieving healthier skin.

This little handheld is engineered with 120 bulbs and each LED color uses different wavelengths when applied directly to the skin, can reduce fine lines and wrinkles, temporarily increase blood circulation, and treat mild to moderate skin conditions.

Yellow/Amber LED at 590nm can penetrate to a depth of 3-4 millimeters.
Red LED 660nm at can penetrate to a depth of 5-6 millimeters.
Infrared LED at 850nm can penetrate to a depth up to 8 millimeters.


  • Minimizes wrinkles, fine lines, age spots and sun damage
  • Improves skin tone, color, and texture
  • Produces new collagen and elastin
  • Helps treat hyperpigmentation and rosacea
  • Safe to use for all skin types


It is best to use it for about 8 to 10 minutes on one area. Hold the device against the skin in the desired location and/or hold it slightly above the skin. You may move it around often over the desired location.

Glow Younger TriLight LED Comes with:

  • Tri-Light LED (Red, Yellow, Infra-Red)
  • AC Adapter
  • Detailed Instruction Card
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