HealthyLine Mesh JT Mat Full 7224 Flexible InfraMat Pro

  • HealthyLine Mesh JT Mat Full 7224 Flexible InfraMat Pro
  • HealthyLine Mesh JT Mat Full 7224 Flexible InfraMat Pro
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HealthyLine Mesh JT Mat Full 7224 is the perfect way to improve your overall health and well-being. This mat comes with 154 round pieces of jade and tourmaline, which help to promote circulation and elevate wellness levels. Plus, the mesh lining increases flexibility for versatile use on multiple surfaces. Sleep on it overnight or use it during the day for a quick boost in energy and vitality.

HealthyLine Mesh JT Mat Full 7224 uses hot stone therapy to provide a spa like experience and relax your muscles. Infrared therapy helps manage pain and reduce inflammation as well as stiffness. Negative ion therapy can increase your wellness and helps detoxify the body. 


  • 154 pieces of jade help heat up the body 
  • Promote circulation 
  • Mesh lining allows for versatile use on surfaces
  • Infrared therapy helps manage pain
  • Five year warranty 

HealthyLine Mesh JT Mat Full 7224 Directions:

Press the Power button to TURN on controller. Press TEMP button once to turn Heat ON. Press TEMP again to initiate temperature adjustment mode. Set the desired temperature and press TEMP to save setting. Press TIME button to initiate adjustment mode, the time indicator will start flashing. Press TIME again to save setting. 


Please see use User Guide. 








It has helped my pain immensely! 

I suffer from Fibromyalgia pain, especially in the cold and damp seasons. I bought this several years ago and it has helped my pain immensely! It helped aid my ability to function. I use it when I need to calm my muscles from a flare, overdoing it or after a deep massage. This mat has decreased my recovery time from flares. It is an investment in your wellness and is 100% worth the money. I cannot recommend it enough. 


The heat is soothing for my joints

I use my mat to help with the pain of Psoriatic Arthritis. I lay on it while I watch TV, work from home, and sometimes I sleep on it also. The heat is soothing for my joints, and it’s also great to do the personal infrared sauna with the insulated blanket when I’m not able to work out. I’m so thankful for this product.


I never thought I’d be able to go for runs again.

I never thought I’d be able to go for runs again. I used to be a long distance runner, but in my old age, it had become too hard on my joints. Using my mat before and after going for a run helps me limit the pain so I am not sore the next day. I have a big part of my lifestyle back.


Tech Specs



72" x 24" x 1.2" 

16 lbs (7kg)

Led Display Controller
Time and Temperature settings, Auto shutoff

EMF Protections
Advanced filtration system, EMF-blocking layers

Number of layers
21 functional layers

High-quality. nontoxic 

USA power 110-120V, 200W 



Healthyline Mesh JT Mat Flexible

The Healthyline Mesh JT Mat Flexible is a cutting-edge wellness product designed to provide natural therapeutic solutions using the power of far infrared therapy. This innovative mat offers a range of features and benefits that cater to various wellness needs, making it a versatile addition to any lifestyle.

What is the Healthyline Mesh JT Mat Flexible?

Overview of the mat's features

The Healthyline Mesh JT Mat Flexible, also known as the JT Mesh Mat Full 7224 Flexible Inframat Pro®, is a state-of-the-art mat that integrates advanced technology with natural therapies. The mesh lining technology, combined with PEMF therapy, contributes to its unique design, allowing for a more comprehensive approach to wellness.

How does the mesh JT mat work?

The mat harnesses the power of far infrared and negative ions, generated by jade and tourmaline gemstones, to promote wellness and relaxation. The far infrared rays penetrate deep into the body, providing therapeutic benefits at a cellular level. The negative ions complement the far infrared therapy, enhancing its overall effectiveness.

Benefits of far infrared therapy

Far infrared therapy offers numerous benefits, including improved circulation, reduced muscle tension, and enhanced detoxification. It also helps in promoting relaxation and overall well-being, making it a popular choice for natural therapies.

How does the JT Mesh Mat Full 7224 Flexible work for natural therapies?

Using the mat for wellness and relaxation

The JT Mesh Mat Full 7224 Flexible is ideal for promoting wellness and relaxation, whether used on a sofa, recliner, or even propped up for targeted therapy. Its flexible design increases the flexibility in how and where it can be used, catering to individual comfort and convenience.

Utilizing far infrared and negative ions for therapy

This mat maximizes the benefits of jade and tourmaline by utilizing their natural properties to emit far infrared rays and negative ions. This natural approach to therapy ensures a holistic and non-invasive method of enhancing overall well-being.

Maximizing the benefits of jade and tourmaline in the mat

The gemstones integrated into the mat, including pieces of jade and tourmaline, are carefully selected and processed to provide the most effective therapy. Their properties contribute to the generation of far infrared rays and negative ions, enhancing the mat's overall therapeutic benefits.

What are the unique features of the Inframat Pro® Full 7224?

FDA registration and its significance

The Inframat Pro® Full 7224 has earned FDA registration, signifying its compliance with stringent quality and safety standards. This certification reinforces its credibility and assures users of its reliability and performance.

Understanding the mesh lining technology

The mat's mesh lining technology plays a crucial role in ensuring even distribution of far infrared heat throughout the entire surface, optimizing its therapeutic effects for the user. This innovative feature sets it apart from conventional wellness products.

Utilizing PEMF therapy with the Inframat Pro®

The integration of PEMF therapy in the Inframat Pro® enhances its therapeutic capabilities, offering an additional dimension of wellness support. PEMF technology has been shown to have positive effects on various health aspects, contributing to an all-encompassing therapy experience.

How to use the Healthyline Mesh JT Mat Flexible for wellness and sleep therapy?

Benefits of sleeping on the mat overnight

Sleeping on the Healthyline Mesh JT Mat Flexible overnight allows users to maximize the wellness and relaxation benefits offered by far infrared therapy. The penetrating heat and calming effects of the mat contribute to improved sleep quality and overall rejuvenation.

Maximizing wellness and relaxation while sleeping or resting on the mat

Whether used for sleeping or simply resting, the mat's therapeutic properties can help individuals achieve a sense of relaxation and tranquility, promoting overall wellness and stress reduction. It offers a convenient and effective way to incorporate natural therapies into daily routines.

Using the mat overnight to extend the benefits of far infrared therapy

Extended use of the mat overnight provides prolonged exposure to far infrared therapy, allowing for enhanced therapeutic effects and deep relaxation. This extended usage option caters to individuals seeking comprehensive wellness support.

What are the unique design and control features of the Mesh JT Mat Flexible?

Overview of the gemstones used in the mat

The Healthyline Mesh JT Mat Flexible incorporates carefully cut and polished pieces of jade and tourmaline, sourced from China. These gemstones emit far infrared rays and negative ions, contributing to the mat's therapeutic benefits.

Understanding the intuitive controls and settings

The mat features intuitive controls and settings, allowing users to customize their therapy experience based on individual preferences. The ease of control enhances user experience, making it convenient to adjust settings for optimal therapy sessions.

Auto shutoff timer and safety features of the mat

The inclusion of an auto shutoff timer and safety features ensures a worry-free experience, providing peace of mind during therapy sessions. These safety measures enhance the overall user experience, offering both convenience and reliability.

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Mesh Series (Most Affordable Bestseller)
FIR (Far Infrared, Heat Only)
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