HealthyLine TAO-Mat Full Pro PLUS 7428 Firm - PEMF InfraMat Pro

  • HealthyLine TAO-Mat Full Pro PLUS 7428 Firm
  • HealthyLine TAO-Mat Full Pro PLUS 7428 Firm
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HealthyLine TAO-Mat Full Pro PLUS 7428 Firm is perfect for anyone looking to maximize comfort and relaxation. The deep penetrating heat and pulsed electromagnetic field system help facilitate wellness, making this the perfect choice for anyone interested in improving their overall health.

HealthyLine TAO-Mat Full Pro PLUS 7428 Firm is a mat that uses hot stone therapy, far infrared therapy, and electromagnetic field therapy to provide a variety of health benefits. The hot gemstones help relax the muscles and lower stress, the far infrared therapy helps increase blood circulation, and the electromagnetic field therapy stimulates well-being. The negative ion therapy also cleans your surroundings and rids of harmful agents.


  • Hot getmstones help relax muscles
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Facilitates wellness
  • Improves overall health
  • Five year warranty 

HealthyLine TAO-Mat Full Pro PLUS 7428 Firm Directions:

User Guide. 





All my clients absolutely love this mat! 

All my clients absolutely love this mat! Everyone gets calm and relaxed, it’s much easier to perform the massage when the person is free of tension and totally relaxed. Also, I use the mat as a finishing step of other procedures, just 5-10 minutes restore energy.


It helps to calm and feel relaxed

I’m practicing Reiki and I employ this mat during my sessions with clients. It helps to calm and feel relaxed. Also, the mat works to get rid of negative energy which enhances the effect from Reiki.
I’m truly devoted to this mat as I see the tremendous results of using it myself.

The mats work great for every person!

We use such mats at our holistic center for our clients with different needs and issues to be solved. The mats work great for every person! Relaxing, restoring, healing abilities of the mat are unbelievable!




Tech Specs


72" x 24" x 1.2" 

26 lbs (12kg)

LED Display Controller:
Time and Temperature settings, Programmable,

EMF Protections
Advanced filtration system, EMF-blocking layers            

Number of layers
21 functional layers

High-quality. nontoxic 

USA power 110-120V, 270 - 350W 

PEMF Therapy Frequency range
7.8 Hz

Far infrared rays range

5-14 μms 

Up to 160 F  

Negative Ion Therapy
Up to 3000/cc

Healthyline PEMF Inframat Plus

As technology continues to advance, the integration of natural therapies with modern innovations has become a cornerstone of health and wellness. One such innovation is the Healthyline Pemf Inframat Plus, a therapeutic mat designed to provide Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy for enhanced well-being. This article will delve into the features and benefits of this revolutionary mat, how it works, and who can benefit from using it, as well as where to purchase and warranty details.

What is Healthyline PEMF Inframat Plus?

Overview of PEMF technology in Healthyline products

Healthyline PEMF Inframat Plus is part of the innovative line of products from Healthyline that incorporates Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy. This technology aims to support the body's natural healing processes using electromagnetic fields. The mat is designed to provide your body with natural gemstones that work in harmony with PEMF therapy to promote overall health and wellness.

Benefits of using PEMF Inframat Plus

The benefits of using the PEMF Inframat Plus go beyond traditional mats by combining PEMF therapy with far infrared rays and negative ions. This integration of multiple forms of therapy creates a holistic approach to wellness, addressing both physical and mental well-being. Users may also benefit from the customizable PEMF system that allows for a personalized therapy experience.

Comparison with other Healthyline mats

When compared to other Healthyline mats, the PEMF Inframat Plus 7428 stands out due to its advanced controller and the inclusion of PEMF therapy with the first-ever photon advanced gemstone heat therapy mat. This combination provides a unique and comprehensive wellness solution that sets it apart from other mats in the market.

How does PEMF therapy work in Healthyline products?

Understanding the science behind PEMF therapy

PEMF therapy is based on the principle that electromagnetic fields can influence the body's natural processes, including circulation, cellular repair, and overall well-being. When integrated into Healthyline products, this therapy works synergistically with the natural gemstones and other features to provide a comprehensive wellness solution.

Integration of PEMF therapy with infrared and negative ion therapy

The Healthyline PEMF Inframat Plus 7428 combines PEMF therapy with far infrared rays and negative ions, contributing to a holistic approach to health. The inclusion of these elements amplifies the therapeutic benefits, reaching deeper levels of the body and mind for enhanced results.

Features of Healthyline PEMF Inframat Plus 7428

In addition to its PEMF therapy, the mat also features a combination of natural gemstones, customizable settings, and an advanced controller, creating a tailored wellness experience for the user. Furthermore, the mat comes with a 5-year warranty, ensuring long-term support and peace of mind for users.

Who can benefit from using the Healthyline Inframat Plus?

Target users for PEMF therapy

Individuals seeking natural therapies for health and wellness may find the PEMF Inframat Plus beneficial. Whether dealing with specific health conditions or simply aiming to enhance overall wellness, the mat offers a comprehensive approach to well-being.

Specific health conditions that may benefit from PEMF therapy

PEMF therapy has shown positive results in addressing various health conditions, including pain management, improved sleep, stress reduction, and overall vitality. By harnessing the power of electromagnetic fields alongside natural gemstones and negative ion therapy, the mat provides a versatile solution for multiple health concerns.

Customer reviews and testimonials on using PEMF Inframat Plus

Customers have expressed satisfaction with the PEMF Inframat Plus, praising its ability to enhance their wellness journey. Many have reported relief from chronic pain, improved sleep quality, and a general sense of rejuvenation after using the mat. Such testimonials reaffirm the positive impact this therapy has on users.

How to use the Healthyline PEMF Inframat Plus?

Instructions for setting up and using the PEMF Inframat Plus

Setting up and using the PEMF Inframat Plus is a straightforward process. The mat comes with clear instructions for assembly and operation, ensuring that users can easily incorporate the therapy into their daily routine. The integrated 360 wrap series ensures that the full mat can comfortably fit around the body for a comprehensive wellness experience.

Duration and frequency of PEMF therapy sessions

For optimal results, it is recommended to use the PEMF Inframat Plus regularly as part of a wellness routine. Sessions can vary in duration depending on individual needs, and the mat's customizable settings allow users to tailor the therapy to their specific requirements.

Tips for maximizing the benefits of PEMF therapy at home

To maximize the benefits of PEMF therapy at home, users can integrate it into relaxation and self-care practices. Creating a tranquil environment, dedicating time for therapy sessions, and complementing it with other wellness activities can amplify the overall impact on health and well-being.

Where to purchase and warranty details for the Healthyline PEMF Inframat Plus?

Authorized retailers for Healthyline products

Healthyline products, including the PEMF Inframat Plus, are available through authorized retailers who ensure the authenticity and quality of the mats. Purchasing from authorized sources provides customers with the assurance of genuine products and reliable customer support.

Warranty coverage and conditions for the PEMF Inframat Plus

The PEMF Inframat Plus comes with a 5-year warranty, underscoring Healthyline's commitment to providing long-term support and satisfaction to its customers. This warranty coverage offers peace of mind, ensuring that users can enjoy the benefits of the mat without concerns about product reliability.

Replacement policy for defective Healthyline mats

In the unlikely event of a defective mat, users can avail themselves of the replacement policy provided by Healthyline. The company ensures its commitment to customer satisfaction by offering necessary support and resolutions for any potential issues that may occur within the stipulated warranty period.

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Model Line:
TAO Series (Classic and Powerful)
FIR, Photon, PEMF
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