How To Apply Bridal Makeup

How To Apply Bridal Makeup

There is a Marwari wedding other than a Bengali or a Kerala wedding.

Kerala is a country famous for culture and its taste.

The Kerala brides wear a sari with golden border laded with jewellery.

First step applying bridal makeup

The weddings are held in that the morning or day time.

A face wash must be used to cleanse away dirt and the impurities from the face.

Apply a moisturizer in view of the skin type is hydrated and there are no patches.

A primer should be applied to remain for hours.

A concealer should be applied to conceal imperfections and patches.

One should be cautious while selecting a good branded foundation.

eyes makeup for bridal

In general one should take a tone higher compared to the skin color. Not 2-3 shades up because that is when it provides a very false look.

Foundation should be implemented in a circular motion in dots. To be able to blend the base with the 13, it's possible to use rosewater.

It should be handled to provide a look. Eye shadow: A glittery bronze or brown eye shadow should be chosen.

Eye shadow should not be implemented near the neighborhood of eyebrows.

One line of the eye shadow ought to be put on the lid.

Eye liner: A medium eye liner should be implemented. Kajal: A moderate thick line of kajal should be implemented.

Mascara: Two coats of fantastic curling mascara ought to be implemented.

Keeping the day in mind a shade closer to that the natural blush ought to be chosen.

lipstick for bridal makeup

Prior to applying a lipstick one should apply a good lip balm to help keep your lips soft and hydrated.

Apply a coat of lose powder and after that dab it with a blotting paper for your lipstick to last long.

A large red bindi is a quintessential part of a Kerala bride.

Lastly the look is full to steal million hearts.

Feb 25th 2019 Skin Beauty

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