Image Skincare Ageless Total Overnight Retinol Masque - 1.7 oz (A-208)

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Image Skincare Ageless Total Overnight Retinol Masque is a concentrated overnight retinol masque that reveals new radiance.

Due to the advanced infusion of triple action time-released retinol technology, it helps continually release hydration and lock in nutrients for the ultimate beauty sleep.

Featured with water bank technology, it helps to increase firmness, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Image Skincare Ageless Total Overnight Retinol Masque effectively improves the appearance of skin imperfections.


  • A breakthrough treatment masque.
  • Supports collagen synthesis.
  • Has anti-aging benefits of retinol.
  • Prevents moisture loss.
  • Continually hydrates skin.
  • Transforms skin's appearance while you sleep.
  • Paraben free.
  • Ideal for normal, aging or pigmentation skin types.


Apply masque in a thick, even layer to freshly cleansed skin 2-3 times per week. Leave on overnight and cleanse skin with tepid water the following morning.

May be used once or twice a week for acne- or breakout-prone skin.

Image Skincare Ageless Total Overnight Retinol Masque Ingredients:

Aqua, glycerin, coconut alkanes, cetearyl alcohol, glyceryl stearate, peg-100 stearate, ammonium acryloyldimethyltaurate / vp copolymer, tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate, pentaerythrityl tetraisostearate, phenoxyethanol, palmitoyl tripeptide-5, verbascum thapsus, plantago lanceolata leaf extract, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, citrus medica limonum (lemon) leaf cell extract, tamarindus indica seed polysaccharide, algae extract, sodium hyaluronate, camellia sinensis leaf extract, chamomilla recutita (matricaria) flower extract, oenothera biennis (evening primrose) seed extract, artemisia absinthium extract butylene glycol, steareth-2, caprylic / capric triglyceride, coco-caprylate / caprate, polysorbate 20, retinol, xanthan gum, ethylhexylglycerin, tocopheryl acetate, citric acid, ce1yl palmitate, disodium edta, panthenol, propylene glycol, silica dimethyl silylate, pentylene glycol, sodium benzoate, propanediol, ceramide 3, triethanolamine, glyceryl acrylate / acrylic acid copolymer, sodium chondroitin sulfate, atelocollagen, potassium sorbate, sodium hydroxymethylglycinate.

Benefits of Image Skincare Ageless Total Overnight Retinol Masque

The Image Skincare Ageless Total Overnight Retinol Masque is a powerhouse of advanced skincare technology and nourishing ingredients designed to revitalize and renew the skin during resting hours. By leveraging the potent benefits of retinol, marine collagen, and microsphere technology, this masque delivers a rejuvenating and hydrating effect, leaving the skin looking enhanced and refreshed.

What are the benefits of using the Image Skincare Ageless Total Overnight Retinol Masque?

Firstly, the Ageless Total Overnight Retinol Masque offers a rejuvenating effect on the skin, targeting issues such as uneven texture and tone, while supporting intensive collagen production. This multi-action technology continuously releases hydrating microspheres of marine collagen to lock in moisture and delivers retinol deep into the skin, thereby boosting the skin's elasticity and firmness. Additionally, the time-released retinol technology ensures a sustained release of ingredients, providing long-term anti-aging benefits.

What is the role of marine collagen in the Ageless Total Overnight Retinol Masque?

The marine collagen in the Ageless Total Overnight Retinol Masque possesses revitalizing properties that not only boost the skin's elasticity and firmness but also aid in repairing and restoring the skin. By harnessing the hydrating microspheres of marine collagen, this skin care product works to ensure the skin remains moisturized and plump, promoting a youthful and radiant complexion.

How does the microsphere technology work in this skincare product?

The microsphere technology in the Ageless Total Overnight Retinol Masque plays a pivotal role in the targeted delivery of retinol for maximum efficacy. These microspheres continuously release hydrating marine collagen and retinol into the skin, supporting intensive collagen production and promoting a more youthful appearance. This result-oriented approach is instrumental in providing long-lasting impact due to the sustained release of ingredients, allowing for comprehensive and lasting skin benefits.

Why is it recommended to leave the masque on overnight?

Leaving the masque overnight allows for optimal absorption of retinol during resting hours when the skin is more receptive to treatment. This extended duration enables enhanced regeneration and renewal of skin cells, maximizing the utilization of the product's anti-aging properties. By allowing the masque to work its magic overnight, individuals can wake up to a visibly improved and revitalized complexion.

What are customers saying about the Image Skincare Ageless Total Overnight Retinol Masque?

Customers have been overwhelmingly positive in their feedback regarding the Ageless Total Overnight Retinol Masque. Many have reported noticeable improvements in skin texture and tone, along with testimonials on the remarkable anti-aging effects experienced after incorporating this product into their nightly skincare routine. Personal experiences have also highlighted the exceptional hydration and firming benefits delivered by this masque, further accentuating its efficacy.

What other products from Image Skincare might users also like?

For individuals looking to complement their skincare routine, Image Skincare offers a range of products that can be seamlessly integrated with the Ageless Total Overnight Retinol Masque. By combining this masque with other offerings from Image Skincare, users can experience a comprehensive and synergistic approach to anti-aging skincare. Furthermore, exploring additional solutions within the brand's range allows individuals to tailor their skincare regimen to address specific concerns and achieve optimal results.

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