Lira Clinical Normal Kit (00355)

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Lira Clinical Normal Kit has all the products you need to maintain skin health and prevent future damage.  The cleanser hydrates the skin as it removes impurities and makeup.  The serum is rich in antioxidants to protect from environmental aggressors and encourages hydration and repair.  The lotions provides lightweight hydration and balances oil.  The skin polisher refines pores while the sunscreen delivers spf30 protection against harmful rays.

Kit Contains:

Lira Clinical BIO Enzyme Cleanser - 1 oz 
Lira Clinical BIO Hydra C Serum - 0.2 fl oz
Lira Clinical ICE Balancing Lotion - 0.2 fl oz 
Lira Clinical SPF Solar Shield 30 Oil Free - 0.5 oz 
Lira Clinical MYSTIQ iLuminating Polisher - 1 oz

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