MBK Skincare Drainactive Mask - 1.69 oz

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MBK Skincare Drainactive Mask is a one-of-a-kind gel-mask that enhances blood circulation, promotes lymphatic drainage, and helps refine and unclog pores. It also firms and contours the skin, providing a refreshed and rejuvenated appearance. Experience an instant sensation of freshness with this innovative mask. Discover the benefits of improved blood circulation and pore refinement with MBK Skincare Drainactive Mask.


  • Product is best suited for all skin types, except for sensitive skin
  • Gentle formula and nourishing ingredients make it a great choice for those looking to improve their skincare routine
  • Dry, oily, or combination skin, this product is designed to provide the perfect balance of hydration and effectiveness


For optimal results, apply a thin layer of the Drainactive Mask to freshly cleansed skin 2-3 times per week, whether it's morning or evening. You may experience a slight tingling and warming sensation, which is normal. After 20 minutes, rinse off the mask thoroughly with warm water and follow up with a refreshing toner.

MBK Skincare Drainactive Mask Ingredients:

Aesculin, Caffeine, Gotu Kola

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