Nioxin Diamax Intensive Leave-In Treatment

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Nioxin Diamax Intensive Leave-In Treatment is a unique and innovative approach to the treatment of thinning hair. This leave-on treatment can be used with any of the Nioxin 3-part systems for thicker, denser-looking hair. End results include increased diameter of each existing hair strand for a fuller head of hair, while also penetrating and fortifying your hair against breakage.


  • Increased diameter of each hair strand
  • Protects hair agaisnt breakage
  • Can be used with Nioxin 3-part system for further benifits
  • Makes hair more manageable
  • Leave-on treatment

Nioxin Diamax Intensive Leave-In Treatment Directions:

For Full, Smooth Volume 1. Comb freshly cleansed hair with a wide-tooth comb 2. Treat the root area with 10-15 pumps of Diamax, lightly massage into scalp and comb through hair. 3. Apply a styler to mid-lengths and ends 4. Hand-dry halfway while lifting roots with fingertips 5. Blow-dry in sections with a large round brush 6. Finish with a working hair spray for a tousled look

For Fully Textured Volume This can be achieved on dry hair to refresh the style or on clean, wet hair. 1. Apply 10-15 pumps of Diamax Treatment to roots, lightly massage into scalp and comb through hair 2. Hand-dry for 2-3 minutes, lifting roots with fingertips 3. Apply a thermal protectant styler; then use two curling iron sizes to create a set with alternating single pin-curls-smaller curls supporting larger ones. 4. After letting the set cool, gently remove pin-curls 5. Separate curls with finers and lightly spray with a flexible working hair spray

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