Saian Ice Globes

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Saian Ice Globes massages the face while the icy cold feeling of the globes reduce redness and calm the skin after waxing, injections, extractions and laser.  It is good for light lymphatic drainage to treat puffy eyes.  These globes also stimulate blood circulation, oxygenate the skin, tighten pores after nutritive facials, and relieve migraine headaches.


  • Reduces redness and calms skin.
  • Stimulates blood circulation.
  • Treats puffy eyes and migraine headaches.


Use the Ice Globes on the face, neck, back, hands, feet, etc. by applying an upward motion, and light pressure for 2-6 minutes. You can perform a light lymphatic drainage with these tools for best relief of puffiness. Store the Globes in the freezer – they are well-crafted out of sturdy stainless steel, and are designed to perfectly contour the hollows of the eye socket. The removable silicone handles keep your fingers warm while the treatment area of the Globes stays icy cold. You will love the comfort and ease of working with these tools. Clean the Ice Globes and dry them after each use.

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