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  • Supersmile Oral Rinse, 16 oz


    Supersmile Oral Rinse, 16 oz

    MSRP: $14.00
    Supersmile Oral Rinse is clinically formulated to help freshen breath, clean teeth, and limit plaque and bacteria formation. It actively eliminates the bacteria that can cause bad breath, provides long lasting germicidal protection and helps ...
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    MSRP: $14.00
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About Supersmile

Supersmile was founded in 1987 to bring whiter, healthier smiles to your daily care routine. They provide a complete oral care line that not only whitens your teeth but improves the health of the gums too.

Supersmile has products for daily use, advanced whitening for an extra whitening boost, and even on the go for maintenance between brushings. It's so versatile that it can be used by everyone. Even those with laminates, veneers and dentures can use Supersmile for whiter teeth.