TALIKA Eyelash Curler

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Maximize your eye-batting beauty with Talika's Eyelash Curler. Designed to quickly and professionally curl lashes, this easy-to-use makeup tool will soon become your cosmetic best friend.

Talika Eyelash Curler Features:
- Steel body with an attached silicone rubber pad.
-Comes with a spare silicone rubber replacement pad.

1. Open the curler by spreading the handles, and center your upper lashes between the top and bottom rubber pads.
2. Always use a mirror for accuracy and safety.
3. From the base of the lash-line, gently squeeze the lashes with soft, upward movements and hold for a few seconds.
4. Repeat this movement if you desire more curl.
5. Apply your mascara after using the curler.
6. Always clean the curler before and after use with a tissue.
7. A spare pad is provided with curler. Replace the pad when worn.

* Do not apply excessive pressure when curling to avoid damage to the eyelashes and release handles completely before removing the curler.

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