Thalgo Biodepyl 3.1 Concentrate - 6 x 0.17 oz

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Thalgo Biodepyl 3.1 Concentrate is a tri-action ingrown hair formula for peeling, soothing and hydrating post-epilation. It soothes areas where hair has been removed, and immediately slows the growth of hair by acting at the heart of the hair bulb.

Thalgo Biodepyl 3.1 Solution utilises glycolic acid, efficiensea and aloe vera to renew the skin to encourage release of hair, neutralise the damage caused by ingrown hairs and soften the skin to facilitate hair removal. Green-colored semi-oily concentrate with a natural fragrance (essential oil); pH 6.5


  • Formulated to limit and slow down hair regrowth.
  • Helps to soothe and relieve irritation.
  • Works to diminish redness.
  • Assists with prolonging smooth???? soft skin.
  • Good for all types of hair, even thick, on the arms and legs.
  • Especially good for skin that is sensitive to hair removal.


During the three days after hair removal, spray Thalgo Biodepyl 3.1 Concentrate onto areas where hair has been removed, then smooth into the skin with twisting movements. Biod?Ÿ??pyl skincare range contains Lemon Essential Oil. It is important that you avoid sun exposure and UVA rays (sunbeds, etc) following application of the Biod?Ÿ??pyl products. When the weather is sunny, apply the product daily in the evening after showering.

Thalgo Biodepyl 3.1 Concentrate Active Ingredients:

Essential oils of: Lemon, Lavandin, Verbena, Camomile, Capislow, Efficiensea, Birch, Horsetail, Arnica

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