Venacura Dietary Supplement for Vericose and Spider Veins, 60 Tablets

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Venacura Dietary Supplement for Vericose and Spider Veins - Would you like to have attractive legs and not be embarrassed to wear shorts or a bathing suit? You no longer have to suffer. Venacura has been treating millions of people in Europe and it's now available in America.

Diosmin 95, the main ingredient, is clinically proven and a guaranteed solution. This is a naturally occurring flavonoid from certain plant sources. This helps to strengthen the vein walls and vein valves by keeping the neuramediators in your veins more active for a longer period of time. The process will prevent and reduce the discomfort and appearance of spider veins.


  • More attractive legs
  • Reduction of Varicose & Spider Veins
  • Relief from Swelling & Inflammation of the Legs
  • Relief from Leg Ulcers

Directions: Take one tablet a day with a meal in the morning and one in the evening as a dietary supplement.

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