ZAQ Soothing Stone Face Masks

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ZAQ Soothing Stone Face Masks use the power of cooling stones to help reduce inflammation and swelling. The comfortable weight of the mask provides a relaxing experience that helps you unwind after a long day.

ZAQ Rose quartz face mask is perfect for anyone who wants to nourish their skin with the power of crystals. The soft pink color of the mask is infused with the healing powers of rose quartz, which can help to erase wrinkles and smooth complexions. Just sit back and relax while the mask infuses your skin with nutrients and minerals.

ZAQ Amethyst Stone Face Mask is a powerful, soothing stone that can help to calm sleepless nights and restless days. According to medical studies, mask has been shown to be effective in treating arthritis, tinnitus, insomnia, and headaches.

ZAQ Jade Stone Face Mask is a natural way to promote better health and well-being. The gemstone has been used for centuries for its metaphysical properties, and is now being used in face masks to provide a host of benefits. The mask helps to dispel negative energies, encourages creativity and dreaming, and promotes all areas of life including longevity, healing, and peaceful passing into the next life.

ZAQ Blue Sodalite Stone Face Mask, a hand-crafted mask made with blue sodalite stone. Sodalite helps us know ourselves at a deeper level, giving us a renewed sense of confidence and self-esteem.

The ZAQ Tiger Eye Stone Face Mask has many benefits for your skin and health. It is effective in alleviating nightmares, and helps relieve asthma attacks. It also strengthens alignment of the spine and stimulates the repair of broken bones.

ZAQ White Jade Stone Face Mask has plenty of healing properties that are perfect for your skin. It's believed to have a positive and brilliant power of light that will help improve your complexion.

ZAQ Black Obsidian Stone Face Mask is hand-crafted with the highest quality black obsidian. This powerful stone cleanses your aura of psychic smog and helps to shield you against negativity. The energy of this stone may stimulate the gift of prophesy.


  • Reduces dark circles under eyes
  • Encourages lymphatic flow
  • Reduces puffiness
  • Encourage blood flow
  • Loweres redness and irritation on contact

ZAQ Soothing Stone Face Masks Directions:

Place mask over your face. Leave on for up to 15-20 minutes. Store in the refrigerator and apply extra cold.

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