AnteAGE Crystal Fan Brush - 7 Inches

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AnteAGE Crystal Clear White Fan Brush is a multifunction, essential beauty tool that perfectly works when applying every treatment.

It is carefully designed with soft gentle bristles to give you a relaxing feeling when using it your skin. This fan brush is essential for use with any masques and chemical exfoliants. It helps you layer the treatment evenly and waste less product, making applying the treatment mask super easy.


  • It helps you achieve an even layer of every treatment.
  • Easy to use and comfortable to hold
  • Waste less product


Apply with your treatment. Sweep it over your face, start at your T-zone, the center of your face, and then spread the product out towards your hairline as you go.

Tips How to clean brush - After each use, clean brush with mild soap and let dry with brush laying at an angle, bristles facing down, to allow water to run off and out without breaking down the glue in Ferrel.

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