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Apricot Power Megazyme Forte is an enzyme supplement formulated with plant-based and animal-derived enzymes and other nutrients to support metabolic process, immunity, and overall health.

What are enzymes and Why We Need Enzymes?

Enzymes are protein particles that allow the body to operate thousands of their essential biological or metabolic processes. The body uses enzymes to absorb nutrients, transport them to our different organs, detoxify our cells, or stimulate our immune system. Unfortunately, when we age, our body naturally produces starts to decline. Lacking enzymes can cause our body to perform normal healthy processes difficulty. For this reason, completing the right enzyme formula could be helpful.

What do Proteolytic or Pancreatic enzymes do?

The enzymes specifically assist in digestion and other metabolic processes. These enzymes are produced naturally within the body. More and more people have begun to consume the supplement to promote overall well-being due to the bodies being so reliant on these enzymes.

What is Megazyme Forte?

This enzyme supplements are not meant to be taken after meals for digestion. It works on an empty stomach to be absorbed quickly to the bloodstream and dissolve undigested proteins. Because enzymes are sensitive to specific conditions in the body such as temperature and pH, we have included in our blend several types that can withstand different temperatures and pHs.

Our tablets are coated, so the enzymes remain entire as they pass through the stomach acid to be absorbed in the small intestine. If the proteins disintegrate in the stomach, they won't be able to make it to the bloodstream.


  • Supports the immunity system and overall health.
  • Delivers Pancreatic or Proteolytic Enzyme.
  • Increases enzyme-levels.
  • Helps the digestion processes by breaking foods down into more absorbable components.
  • Regulates the metabolic process.
  • Detoxification and free radicals.


As a dietary supplement, take 2 tablets, once daily, two hours after each meal. Store in a cool, dry place.

Apricot Power Megazyme Forte Ingredients:

Calcium 35 mg,a-Chymotrypsin 45 mg, Amylase 77 mg, Bromelain 150 mg, Catalase 200, L-Glutathione 10 mg, Lipase 77 mg, Nattozimes 14 mg, Pancreatin 4X 313 mg,Papain 77 mg, Rutin 100 mg,Serrazimes 17 mg, Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD) 50 mcg, Thymus Substance 14 mg, Trypsin 125 mg, Zinc (As Gluconate) 14 mg.

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