7 Time-Saving Beauty Hints Every Busy Woman Should Know

7 Time-Saving Beauty Hints Every Busy Woman Should Know

Many of us are typically hurrying to take off every morning, hair streaming out of a speedily put together hairstyle behind us. Occasionally I even bring along the wrong cosmetics bag and its accouterments in the moments when I require it. I've tried to plan for this inevitability by hiding backup beauty items throughout my office, apartment, and all of my different pouches, but frequently, I still find myself struggling to get ready to go out with only lipstick and a pair of tweezers. For those moments, when you need to invest yourself much more time, try these time-saving makeup hints and secrets that guarantee to get you out the door promptly.

1 Use Lipstick as Blush

I normally check with the lipstick isn't too brownish or too matte first, and apply it on my cheeks.

2 Put Vaseline or Lip Balm as a Highlighter or Brow Tamer

When your skin is appearing dull and your brows are unable to cooperate, putting Vaseline on your cheekbones can work as a highlighter, while a dab of petroleum jelly can also control disorderly eyebrows. Use Aquaphor instead if you don't have Vaseline insight.

3 Use Mascara as Eyeliner 

Choose a small brush to line your eyes with your mascara. You can even use the tip of the mascara applicator cautiously if you don't have a small brush and apply the line afterward for a smoky appearance. Just ensure to clean it all off with makeup remover after a long day.

4 Use Hand Lotion to Tame Flyaways

This makeup hint is uncomplicated and works beautifully in a pinch. Only apply a tiny amount of lotion, unless you want to find yourself with wet-look hair.

5 Use Bronzer as Eye Shadow

Extend the lifespan of your summer beauty cosmetic item with this makeup hint. If your bronzer includes any shimmer or highlighter in it, even better.

6 Use Concealer as Foundation

Combine the tiny amount of your light cream concealer with your moisturizer for an easy foundation replacement. Liquid concealer can also do the job as a full coverage foundation if you don't have moisturizer. Smooth a thinner covering over your skin, combine well, and you're good to go.

7 Apply Argan Oil or Hair Oil as a Moisturizer

If you end up with running our of facial moisturizer, take that Argan oil you'd consistently smooth on your divide ends and give a few drops to your face instead.

Oct 15th 2019 Skin Beauty

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