Cinnamon Benefits for The Skin

Cinnamon Benefits for The Skin

Cinnamon has been employed for hundreds of years in perfect remedies in Asian countries. One of the essential benefits that cinnamon provides its factor in keeping healthy and balanced skin.

Additionally, it can also support the treatment of numerous skin conditions problems and infections. As a result, cinnamon can be used in multifarious various to enhance your skin.

Plumps Skin

Cinnamon improves fine lines and wrinkles by plumping the skin. This shows that using cinnamon can encourage blood vessels and provide blood to the surface of the skin.

Blend 3 drops essential oil of cinnamon and 2 tbsp olive oil or petroleum jelly.

Put this on fine lines, being careful to stay away from the eyes. The skin plumps out quickly and reduces fine lines visibly. This can even be used as lip plumper or lip gloss.

Treatment for Acne

Cinnamon helps with the remedy for pimples and acne.

Make a blend with 1 tbsp cinnamon powder and 3 tbsp honey.

Put this on pimples and leave this paste overnight or for 20 minutes before clean-up with warm water. Acne scars could dry out and skin will get revitalized. This paste can also declog pores and deliver oxygen and blood to the surface. Nonetheless, it is a good idea not to use this more than once a week as it could give you skin discomfort.

Reduce Signs of Aging

Cinnamon boosts collagen levels after it is used. Breakdown of collagen triggers the skin to reduce flexibility and increases the indication of aging. When cinnamon extracts were applied as an inducer for skin fibroblast cells, it helps to boost collagen protein levels without any cytotoxic side effects. As a result, cinnamon can work as a reliable solution to enhance collagen biosynthesis. By working on studies like liquid chromatography and nuclear magnetic resonance, it was figured out that the proactive solution responsible for this up-regulation of collagen is cinnamaldehyde. The intracellular process for the synthesis of collagen relates to a receptor known as the Insulin-like  Growth factor-I (IGF-I). It was discovered that upon cinnamon extract treatment, there was an elevated level of phosphorylation of this receptor. This would mean that when cinnamon treatment was provided, the biosynthetic pathway of collagen synthesis was brought on to a lot more scale. An improved expression level of the numerous proteins engaged downstream of the receptor was also discovered as a result of cinnamon treatment. This way, cinnamon can be used as an anti-aging agent.

To Soften and Soothe Dry and Dead Skin

Cinnamon extracts and powder work as excellent exfoliants and can be used to clear away dead skin cells. This assists in bringing back the glow and well-balanced skin. Cinnamon can be used in mixture with sea salt, almond oil, honey, and olive oil. To soften rough skin, we can benefit from the anti-oxidant properties of cinnamon. In research, the anti-oxidant properties of Cinnamon extracts were valuable. It was found that Cinnamon extracts have highly effective anti-oxidant properties. To take good care of your feet, make a foot bath, including lemon juice, olive oil, whole milk, water, and ground Cinnamon. Putting your feet in for 15 mins brings you effectively soften skin and make the feet nice and smooth.

To Improve Complexion

Another main advantage of using Cinnamon is that its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties assist in improving skin tone even though it is not scientifically established. For this, a face mask made with a banana puree, yogurt, ground Cinnamon and lemon juice can be applied on your skin. You can clean out with warm water after it dries out. This assists in enhancing skin tone and appearance. Cinnamon is a valuable spice that can be used to guarantee various rewards for the skin. It helps to avoid and beat skin infections and improves the quality, texture, and complexion of the skin. For this reason, cinnamon powder can work as a straightforward option for many skin linked troubles.

Other Benefits to The Skin

Blend cinnamon in your foods can also boost skin tone. For instance, add tablespoon cinnamon to various foods in a day can be an excellent method to obtain fiber. This removes waste products from your body. Eliminating toxins prevent them from clogging the skin and boosts skin tone. Drinking a smoothie with a little cinnamon powder sprinkle can combat bacteria, which induce acne and other skin issues. 

Oct 24th 2019 Skin Beauty

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