Great Skin Without Foundation

Great Skin Without Foundation

Foundation is named correctly: it is the foundation of your makeup routine.

It is made in the form of a moisturizer or a long-lasting formula that can be worn every morning in the morning, making it the perfect starting point for the rest of the make-up.

With its light appearance, we were wondering. Are the remaining people likely to lose our most reliable makeup layer?

According to the NY physician Francesca Fusco, it is essential to first ascertain the true purpose of the foundation.

"The Foundation is blindfolded and offers harmony to you," she says.

If so, how do you achieve decorative magic with skin care alone?

A careful six-week treatment packed with the right powerful product can completely transform the skin and, according to Fusco, can achieve much more than you think.

"It's clearly possible for everyone!" She says.

Here, five dermatologist-approved skin-care steps will help you go foundation-free.

Target Pore Size

Target Pore Size

Whenever you use a foundation, cover the pores and use a matte version to look smoother.

With an extremely low percentage of lactic acid, the excess oil is left alone.

Try advanced contouring equipment.

If you want to create a baseless outline, you can use a device that can tighten your skin.

Nuface Trinity White

NuFace is one of the current handheld machines.

I push it in my forehead and lips. Toning your muscles gives you a shiny face appearance with no need to use bases, concealers, and shadows.

If you use it three times a week, you can see the results in about 14 days.

Focus on the Problem Area

Focus on the Problem Area

If you have particular flaws like redness or blotchiness, which can come from rosacea or super-sensitive skin, consider using a moisturizer that contains niacinamide or licorice to calm inflammation.

And if you have brown spots, the simplest way for those is to use a botanical  product or 1-2% hydroquinone cream.

Make Sunscreen Regular Staples

Make Sunscreen Regular Staples

Absolutely wear sunscreen constantly.

30 minutes under the sun without the sun blocking on a clear day will ruin everything. The spots will be back in a heartbeat.

A broad spectrum of minimum SPF 30 should be selected and applied every 2 hours and reapplied.

Be careful about how you apply it, and really make an effort to get the corners of the nose, that upper lip, and the corners of the mouth.

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