How To Get Rid Of Acne Scars At Home Fast

How To Get Rid Of Acne Scars At Home Fast

Everyone will have to deal with acne sometime in their life. Unfortunately, it's not an issue that only teens deal with. Many adults, like myself, still battle with breakouts more often than I like. Clearing up the blemish is only half the battle. The other half is when your acne leaves unsightly scars and pigmentation. Depending on the severity of the damage left behind from acne, it can be successfully treated.

Scars Vs. Pigmentation

Acne can leave behind skin changes in your skin after healing. Scarring can result from touching and squeezing acne, which causes damage to small veins, glands, and tissues surrounding the spot. When scarring occurs, it changes the texture of the skin. There are different forms of scars known as rolling, boxcar, or ice-pick. Acne can also leave behind pigmentation, causing the skin to look discolored.

Treatment For Acne Scars And Pigmentation

For more severe acne scars, in-office procedures such as dermabrasion, chemical peels, laser resurfacing, fillers, microneedling, or injections might be performed. For milder acne scars, here are some things you can try at home to get a more uniform complexion.

Alphay Hydroxy Acids - AHA's work to clear blockages to prevent blackheads and inflamed breakouts from occurring. It also helps to exfoliate the skin's upper layer to remove discoloration and smooth out rough scars.

Lactic Acid - The use of lactic acid in peels and serums are known to be effective in lightening and smoothing out acne scars. It works as a mild exfoliant to remover the outer layers of the skin. Apple cider naturally contains lactic acid. Using a diluted version as a toner for spot treatment may improve acne scars.

Retinoids - Topical retinoids can be found over-the-counter, but a dermatologist can prescribe stronger strengths. Retinoid treatments can be more effective in treating scars that are either raised or depressed. It works by speeding up cell regeneration and improving skin texture and color. Retinoids do cause skin sensitivity to the sun, so always wearing sunscreen is recommended.

Salicylic Acid - It can be used in your daily skincare routine to exfoliate the skin to soften the appearance of acne scars. Salicylic acid has antibacterial properties, clears pores, and reduces swelling and redness.

Oct 23rd 2020 Skin Beauty

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