​Why You Need To Change Skincare Products or Routine: Advice How To Change & To Avoid The Mistakes

​Why You Need To Change Skincare Products or Routine: Advice How To Change & To Avoid The Mistakes

The skin is changing from time to time, and you may see new wrinkles, acne, or the worst dark spot out of the blue. Even though you have been with your best friend moisturizers for over 10 years, you might need to change. It is hard to change. I know it. When it comes to setting together with a proper signature skincare routine, it can take times of trial, mistake, and drugstore product testing to find the right roster of favorites.

After all of that experimenting, it's not easy to say goodbye to some tried-and-true skincare products and steps in your actual routine, but sometimes, it's necessary. But Is it reasonable that using the same products over and over might not be the best treatment for your skin? Here's the 4 Reason of Changing Skincare Products.

The Weather Changes.

There are times when the season is a significant factor in your skin's health. The seasons are changing from fall to winter, and you're feeling it in your skin. You might need a thicker moisturizer in the winter to prevent the dryness and dehydration set in. The dryness can cause the skin to feel uncomfortable and then lead to dry patches, the major pain because they are tough to cover up with makeup, and they're not always in the most flattering of spots.

The quickest fix is adding facial oil before applying moisturizer to work as a sealant to lock the hydration in your skin. Cleansing lotion is highly recommended during the winter season since it will be more softening to dry, irritated skin. 

Try to switch to the skincare products that promise to deliver hydration deep into the skin, so they can genuinely plump up the skin and leave it feeling dewy and moist. It is recommended to change moisturizer first and wait for at least 2 weeks to alter other products or add on facial oil to your skincare routine.

Tips: Only introduce one new product into your routine at a time and give each skincare product at least two weeks before you start another one. This allows your skin to adapt to one change at a time. Changing it all at once can cause it to freak out, get patchy on you, or break out. And, if you think the new product may be irritating or producing acne to your skin, take a step back.

The Age Changes.

One day you wake up and see the change of your skin due to your age. Wrinkles, laugh lines, and crow's feet are everywhere on your face. If you still using the same routine as your 20s into your 40s, it is a time to change. 

Change your skincare routine to give an improvement of smoothing, firming, and brightening results. When you were young, you might have problems with acne and oil, but now you might have issues with dryness and dark spots.

You might also develop sensitivities to particular products or the ingredients. Try to use some anti-aging serum or a product with Retinol. Don't forget to wear sunscreen every day, this is important. Without doing this, any skin treatments aren't going to deliver results if daylight is damaging your skin every day. 

Get smoother and softer skin by committing to using an exfoliating serum a few times a week. Plus, start seriously taking care of your neck and hand. It will catch up with you if you don't give it some love.

Tips: If you have not seen any dramatic changes in your skin since the first couple of months of using a new anti-aging Serum. And if your skin is not breaking out, not dry or irritated, and not showing newly visible of aging like new wrinkles or spots, then you're doing something right! 

Aging or mature skin needs a lot of work to bring all the youngness and brightness back to your skin. You need to follow by eating a healthy diet. The truth is, you are what you eat, and beauty from the inside will help you minimize all the fine lines faster.

The Skin Changes.

Having a regular skincare routine can be comforting and beneficial in many ways, but it doesn't always last forever. You've been using the same moisturizer for ages, and all of a sudden, your skin is red and itchy. Most people aren't born with allergies, but they develop over time. 

So if you suddenly develop irritation, redness, or itching without making any changes to your skincare routine, you may form a new sensitivity. It's the most frustratingly to experience acne out of the blue. All of a sudden, it appears. Here a zit, there a zit, everywhere a zit.

When you're experiencing a hormonal shift, you may notice acne, whiteheads, blackheads, papules, pustules, and cysts. The bumps and breakouts are usual, and it is a signal that you need to add some anti-acne products to your skincare routine. 

Also, when you're pregnant or trying to become pregnant, you may find that some skincare products are toxic to you and your baby. It is essential to read the skincare ingredients label to avoid the risk. Trying the organic products are highly suggested. Pay close attention to how your skin feels and looks. When your skin is changing, it's time for you to change your routine too.

Tips: Sometimes, it is common that the products increase cell turnover, such as a Retinoid or Hydroxy Acids, can lead to the breakout. Usually, it happens in areas that you typically get breakouts. When you have redness or inflammation, pay attention to the skincare ingredients.

The AAD (American Academy of Dermatologists) recommends avoiding triggers, like fragrance. Be aware of any changes you might make, and when in doubt, discuss with a trusted skincare professional. 

Or try our Skin Type Quiz to see what type of skin you have and learn how to take care of your beloved skin correctly. Please keep in mind that when introducing any new product, you follow these steps to prevent any potential problems.

You change.

It is a fact that people change. Ok- so you're bored of the same old products. When you find yourself bored or in need of a fun little change, try switching it up. Trying a new product can bring a lot of buzz and excitement. You might find something new that you love, hate, or learn some lessons as you search for your holy grail products. If you change to diet or exercise, you might need to change your skincare routine. 

Sweating more at the gym, taking up hot yoga, or being exposed to sunlight more often on weekend hikes might lead to skin problems such as acne, fine lines, and dark spots.

When you change the water, climate, food, lifestyle, pollution, and other undetectable factors, moving to a new city can cause the skin to act differently. The simple solution is to listen to your skin and adjust your skincare accordingly.

Tips: When you want to try new skincare products or routine, do it during the weekend. Your skin has made it through the week, and it needs extra love. 

For the weekend routine, you can exfoliate with a face scrub, use a charcoal face mask to brighten the look of your complexion and try to use the Retinol for your acne. Adding more fun and love to your skin so your skin now will only better set you up to have refined, beautiful-looking skin just in time for Monday.

Skincare routine likes an exercise routine. Dramatic results will not happen overnight. It can take 6 to 12 weeks, six months, a year, or more than two years of consistent use for noticeable results to come. When your routine is established, you take notice. 

The key to seeing those changes is to hold on to your skincare routine. Your skin will continue to look healthy and refreshed as long as you don't give up on the routine.

Oct 28th 2019 Skin Beauty

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