OMI Activemagnet+ PEMF Mini Mat

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The OMI PEMF Mini Mat is ideal for use with localized treatment in humans and entire body therapy for pets. This mini mat provides the same completely functional controller as the Full Body Mat.

Alternative Therapy for various Health Concerns

OMI (Oxford Medical Instruments) PEMF Therapy Mats in many cases are used in the workplaces of chiropractors, homeopathic physicians and today it is currently being requested for home use all through North America.

  • Fibromyalgia
  • Arthritis
  • Joint and muscle pain
  • Fatigue
  • Sleep disorders
  • Diabetes
  • Increased circulation
  • Stroke recovery
  • Stress relief

The variety of conditions that have already been researched using PEMF treatments are substantial and also the study continues today.

Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) mats are becoming a more widely used device in the past Five years, and research has revealed that it has become a pleasant switch for individuals who are not able to obtain relief through alternative remedies, or whenever surgical treatments have failed.

While there are many PEMF devices to pick from, the OMI Mini Mat continues to be the smartest choice for therapy for pets and localized therapy for people.

This makes it simple for you to perform treatments towards the body and mind virtually all at the same time.

Many people who are afflicted by pain in numerous areas learn that they receive excellent comfort by utilizing the mat for localized coverage.

Everybody will go through different benefits using the OMI Mini Mat. Many claim that they experience a distinction after their very first use of the mat. Other individuals have noted benefits within just as few as two or three days to several weeks or longer.

It is a good idea to be patient. Your entire body deserves it!

Advice for Obtaining The Greatest Results

It is essential to utilize the mat on a level and firm area. When using the mat on a waterbed or uneven area can result in damage to the copper coils on the inside together with the entire composition of the mat.

The OMI Mini Mat could also be used while sitting down at a work desk or perhaps a chair.

If a number of family members or pets are utilizing the mat, you might need to place a linen across the mat. Maintaining your OMI Mini Mat nice and clean is crucial.


Tech Specs

 AC Adapter


AC100 -240V – 50/60 Hz 0.5A

17V DC - 1500mA

Coil Type
4 Pure Copper Coils

Square Wave

Magnetic Field Strength
20-66 µTesla (0.2 - 0.66 Gauss)

Frequency Range
1-30 Hz

Class of Protection Against Electric Shock Hazard

Power Factor

Ingress Protection

Mat Material
White Synthetic Leather

Mat Size

Mat Weight
1.5 lb (2.3 kg)

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Additional Information

This item has been discontinued
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